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Society "waldinger" (hrvatsko Društvo Umjetnika "adolf Waldinger")

Osijek / Croatia

Society \ Society "Waldinger" is non- government, non- profit organisation that cultivates fine art. It is the only association in Croatia which has its own painting and drawning school for life-long education. Our program is devided on 4 stages:
- first stage- lower primary school children
- second stage- higher primary school children
- third stage- secondary school children
- fourth stage- adults
Thru all stages pupils, students and adult learn main art themes and techniques of drawning and painting
Program is carrying out since 2006 by prof. Ida Đurkić and Zoran Đurkić ( Djurkic ) without dicsontinuity. Next year we celebrate 10 years of Society Waldinger existing.

Pupils' Art Works

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Josip Jakovac, 12 yrs   Teddy bear