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Sawtry Village Academy

Huntingdon / United Kingdom

Sawtry Village Academy Sawtry Village Academy is a dynamic 11-18 comprehensive academy which prides itself on the support it provides to its students. It is an academy school, located in the village of Sawtry, Cambridgeshire a short distance from Peterborough. There are 1299 students on the roll, most from the surrounding villages giving the academy a strong community feel.

Pupils' Art Works

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Izzy Ager, 16yrs   Lucy Older
Hannah Cork, 17yrs  
Alfie Lawford, 17yrs    the joker
Holly Warcup, 16yrs   36 weeks
Gemma Hollingdale, 16yrs   Cyber Girl
Gemma Hollingdale, 16yrs   Open Wound
Gemma Hollingdale, 16yrs   Skull
Izzy Ager, 16yrs   Lucy
Izzy Ager, 16yrs   Grandad
Izzy Ager, 16yrs   Still life of Shells
Abbie Lambert, 14yrs    nocturnal
Annabelle Davis, 18yrs   x-ray dept
Bethan Cooper, 17yrs   portrait of my sister
Robert Looney, 14yrs   balloons
oilivia marshall, 14yrs   portrait of an old man
Beth Miller, 17yrs  
Beth Miller, 17yrs  
Beth Miller, 17yrs  
Bethan Cooper, 17yrs   Perplexity
Bethan Cooper, 17yrs  
Chloe Palmer, 17yrs  
Daniel Franklin, 18yrs  
Daniel Franklin, 18yrs   Jayne
Eloise Childs, 16yrs   Skull & Flowers
Eloise Childs, 16yrs   A Rose By Any Other Name
Grace Witney-Fahey, 16yrs  
Hannah Cork, 17yrs  
Holly Warcup, 16yrs  
Kate Marsh, 18yrs   Plant
Kate Marsh, 18yrs   The Kiss
Kate Marsh, 18yrs   The Double Image
Olivia Marshall, 16yrs  
Rose Drinkwater, 17yrs  
Rose Drinkwater, 17yrs  
Rosie Edgar, 15yrs  
Toria Cater-Knowles, 16yrs  
Toria Cater-Knowles, 16yrs   Sheep
Sophie Cronau, 16yrs   Domestic Silence
Tamisa Martin, 15yrs  
Olivia Marshall, 15yrs  
Amy Farrance, 15yrs  
John Fulcher, 15yrs  
Lily Mayes, 13yrs  
Daniel Sarkissian, 13yrs  
Amy Farrance, 15yrs