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Dalry Primary School

Dalry / United Kingdom

Dalry Primary School Dalry Primary is situated on the west coast of Scotland. We are a Primary School teaching ages from 5-12 years old. There are 350 pupils in our school. Our school was built in 2007 with help from the Scottish Arts Council and artist Bruce McLean. Throughout the school there are permanent art and design images to inspire education and learning. The school hosts an inflatable "brain" which is our media suite. Our school is a training centre for apple and we have a full time art and design teacher permanent to the school. We love creating art and design images and feel that the expressive arts and creativity is at the centre of all our learning.

Pupils' Art Works

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Amber, 8yrs   The River Clyde
Daniel, 9yrs   The Riverside Museum
Dennan, 7yrs   The Little Robin
Ewan, 9yrs   The Riverside Museum
Katie, 9yrs   Glasgow Reflections
Kaylay, 6yrs   Patterns in Still Life
Rachel, 9yrs   The Waverley in Glasgow
Jessica, 9yrs   The Riverside Museum
Mia, 6yrs   The Chicken
Erin, 7yrs   Owl lives in Patterns
Livia, 9yrs   The Glasgow Statue
Mhairi, 6yrs   Still Life in Patterns
Corey, 7yrs   Colourful Portrait
Jonathan, 7yrs   Still Life in Patterns
Kallen, 7yrs   The Bowl
Kirsty, 11yrs   The Forth Bridge
Alex, 11yrs   The Forth Rail Bridge
Nicole, 10yrs   The Forth Bridge
Emie, 5yrs   The Scarecrow
Aoife, 5yrs   The Dancing Scarecrow
Ben, 7yrs   Patterned Portrait
Heather, 7yrs   2D Shape Portrait