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Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School

Birmingham / United Kingdom

Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School Secondary School with a Sixth Form

Pupils' Art Works

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Hannah Brown, 16yrs   Self Portrait
Hannah Brown, 18yrs   Looking Through the Window
Hannah Brown, 18yrs   Puppet
Tatum Brown, 14yrs   Self Portrait
Amy McFetridge, 17yrs   The Horse
Kieran Nicholls, 17yrs   Self Portrait in Profile
Kieran Nicholls, 17yrs   Cloud Portrait
Amy McFetridge, 18yrs   Woman with Blonde Hair
Stephen Oshagbemi, 18yrs   Peeping Faces
Arthur Springthorpe, 18yrs   Man About Town
Hannah Brown, 17yrs   Riches
Hannah Brown, 18yrs   Chased by my Dog
Hannah Brown, 18yrs   Self Portriat - Creativity
Hannah Brown, 17yrs   Girl on the Stairs