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Plymouth College

Plymouth / United Kingdom

Plymouth College mixed secondary, 11-18 years

Pupils' Art Works

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Ava Courtman, 14yrs   portrait 1
Billy Wildgoose, 16yrs   myself
Billy Wildgoose, 16yrs   Leaf
Dana Turogina, 17yrs   portrait
Beatriz Odonez- Becker, 14yrs   portrait
Dana Turogina, 17yrs   connections
Eva Trost, 15yrs   city
India Seel, 15yrs   Myself
Izabella Blacklock, 17yrs   double
Izabella Blacklock, 17yrs   double1
Jazz Harbour, 15yrs   self
Joe Andrews, 18yrs   city
Joe Andrews, 18yrs   granny
Joe Andrews, 18yrs   city1
Luiza Farache Trajano, 16yrs   landscape
Max Wright, 17yrs   city
Olivia Wyman, 18yrs   scream
Olivia Wyman, 18yrs   scream1
Olivia Wyman, 18yrs   city
Olivia Wyman, 18yrs   scream2
Ollie Goodhew, 18yrs   space
Will Speed, 18yrs   night
Will Speed, 18yrs   night1