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Sacred Heart Primary School

London / United Kingdom

Sacred Heart Primary School Sacred Heart is a two-form entry school in Roehampton. Our aim is to encourage the full development of the individual child and to equip each one to take their place in society. We wish the children to develop a sense of self-respect and self-esteem, confidence and independence. By providing the children with a secure and happy environment we aim to develop their own personal qualities, to fulfil their own potential as an individual and to help them form caring relationships within the whole community and respect for the world around them.

Pupils' Art Works

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Francesca, 10yrs   Express Your True Colours
Adam , 7yrs   The Rainforest
Cheyenne, 9yrs   Enlighten
Josiah, 7yrs   Remembrance
Leon, 8yrs   Peace
Peyton , 7yrs   Tree House
Adrian, 7yrs   Shapes
William, 9yrs   Starry Night
Leon, 8yrs   Stauesque Eagle
Rand, 12yrs   The Wind
Joheam and Shameil, 10, 9yrs   Extinction
Martyna, 11yrs   The Tree Of Wisdom
Marta, 10yrs   Society
Olivia, 8yrs   Polar Bear
Hailey, 10yrs   View
Sufnan, Hibba, 10, 9yrs   Taj Mahal