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Holtville Middle School

Holtville / United States

Holtville Middle School Located 120 miles east of San Diego, 225 miles southeast of Los Angeles, 40 miles west of the California/Arizona border and 20 miles northeast of Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. Holtville Middle School is in a rural, agricultural area and serves approximately 300 students. The mission of Holtville Middle School is to create a safe academic environment, which ensures learning to the highest standards, instills responsibility, self-worth, respect, and a strong work ethic in all students.

Pupils' Art Works

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Abigail Garewal, 12yrs   Cara del Sol
Abigail Garewal, 12yrs   Tears of Joy
Abigail Garewal, 12yrs   Ronald Splash
Maritza Sanchez, 12yrs   The Great Star
Abigail Garewal, 12yrs   Sunset