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HKUGA College HKUGA College aims to provide a holistic education in a predominantly English environment in which students can discover the joy of learning through hard work, perseverance and creativity. By offering care, encouragement and positive reinforcement, the College helps students develop the capacity for empathy and become responsible, compassionate, inquiring, linguistically competent, knowledgeable and globally minded people who contribute to the community.

Pupils' Art Works

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Lo Wai Kwan Dion, 18yrs   The Dissected Rabbit
Lo Wai Kwan Dion, 18yrs   The Organs Machine
Lo Wai Kwan Dion, 18yrs   The Robotic Freak
Lo Wai Kwan Dion, 18yrs   The Fish Cycle
Carmen Chan, 17yrs   \
Carmen Chan, 17yrs   Weirdo?
Carmen Chan, 17yrs   The miserable plant pot
Carmen Chan, 17yrs   My collection
Kayla Lui, 17yrs   Fish on a Dish
Kayla Lui, 17yrs   Sweet Dreams
Kayla Lui, 17yrs   Latitudes and Longitudes
Kayla Lui, 17yrs   Erased Memories of an Accidental Truth
Alice Ho, 17yrs   The World of Flowers
Ariel Chan, 17yrs   Within the Agony
Ariel Chan, 17yrs   LOOK
Lulu Tang, 18yrs   Judge Me
Lulu Tang, 18yrs   Xie ( Bus Terminus)
Alice Ho, 17yrs   Under the Lights
Lulu Tang, 18yrs   Phubbing
Alice Ho, 17yrs   Live in the Now
Lulu Tang, 18yrs   Built Up
Yeung Shu Lok, Jeff, 17yrs   The beginning of an end
Yeung Shu Lok, Jeff, 17yrs   Love is evil
Yeung Shu Lok, Jeff, 17yrs   Torn apart by anxiety
Yeung Shu Lok, Jeff, 17yrs   An Addict