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Experimental Junior High School Of University Of Patras

Patras / Greece

Experimental Junior High School of  University of Patras Experimental Junior High School of University of Patras is a public greek school, in which new didactic methods are tested in corporation with University’s departments and with the Department of Social Work of Patras’ Technological Education Institute. Our educational priority is the holistic development of our pupils’ personality and not only the development of cognitive skills. That’s why we encourage our pupils to participate in several different activities (European Erasmus + programs, environmental and cultural school programs, school competitions, etc), in order to cultivate their analytical, creative and contextual giftedness.

Pupils' Art Works

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Antonis Papageorgiou, 13yrs   Study with glass on scarlet background
Antonis Papageorgiou, 13yrs   The soul of things
Lydia Vozaiti, 13yrs   Choose Side
Dafni Manolakou, 13yrs   Fantasy
Victoria Kontodimou, 13yrs   Mermaids
Fedra Galani, 13yrs   A little angel
Niki Karathanasi , 13yrs   The power of soul
Anastasios Kavalieratos, 12yrs   Fantasy