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West Kirby Grammar School

West Kirby / United Kingdom

West Kirby Grammar School West Kirby Grammar School is an Outstanding School for Girls with a small number of boys in the Sixth Form. We combine traditional values with modern approaches to teaching and learning. Our wide curriculum offer is balanced by a wealth of experiences including over fifty clubs, trips and exchanges and healthy inter-house competition in sport, the arts, cookery and quizzes. These opportunities, together with outstanding pastoral support, combine to produce rounded, successful young people who are ready to move onto the next step in their lives.

Pupils' Art Works

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Maisie Holden, Age 17yrs  
Megan Parker, Age 18yrs  
Veronica Hanna, Age 18yrs  
Liliana Maoudis, Age 17yrs  
Karolina Korobova, Age 17yrs  
Jennifer Stuart, Age 18yrs  
Rebecca Goodall, Age 18yrs  
Charlotte Rimmer, Age 16yrs  
Leon Barnard, Age 16yrs  
Louise Colebourn, Age 16yrs  
Abigail Palphreyman, Age 16yrs  
Lucy Caswell, Age 16yrs  
Beatrice Coles, Age 17yrs  
Amber Jones, Age 16yrs  
Ella Proudman, Age 17yrs  
Madison Fowler, Age 16yrs  
Veronica Hanna, Age 18yrs  
Billie Pearson, Age 16yrs