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Devonshire House Preparatory School

London / United Kingdom

Devonshire House Preparatory School Devonshire House Preparatory School is a co-educational independent day school situated in the heart of Hampstead. It provides an education for pupils from Nursery age through to Common Entrance for senior schools. The school is divided into three departments - Early Years (Nursery, Pre-reception, Reception), Junior School (Year 1 - Year 3) and Upper School (Year 4 - Year 8).

Pupils' Art Works

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IG, 7yrs   The Final Goodbye
SK, 5yrs   Old carriage
ES, 6yrs   The Dragon
NC, 5yrs   Old car
MS, 6yrs   Family portrait
SM, 8yrs   Dolphin mosaic
RK, 7yrs   Mountains
RY, 9yrs   Flower
LB, 8yrs   Rose
JS, 10yrs   Landscape
LB, 8yrs   Simmetria
AD, 9yrs   Swans
OBI, 9yrs   The Awakening Peacock
EJ, 9yrs   Zebra
MZ, 10yrs   \
CP, 10yrs   Bird (wodden box)