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Tollbar Academy

New Waltham / United Kingdom

Tollbar Academy Tollbar Academy is an 11-19 mixed comprehensive of some 2163 students which incorporates our Tollbar Sixth Form College.

Pupils' Art Works

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Elijah, 12yrs   Hades
Edward, 11yrs  
Mica, 12yrs   Seeing Eye to Eye
Megan C., 12yrs   Into the Woods
Rianna, 11yrs   The Flower and Butterfly
Lucy , 11yrs   Elf
Megan W., 13yrs  
Paris, 12yrs   A
Aimee, 13yrs  
Katie D., 12yrs   Colin
Jessica H., 12yrs   The Swapped
Oliver P., 12yrs   Casino Royale 1
Oliver P., 12yrs   Casino Royale 2
Emily P., 13yrs   The Flash
Ella H., 12yrs   Jewel Pets