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International School Groningen

Groningen / Netherlands

International School Groningen The International School Groningen serves the needs of the International Community in the north of the Netherlands. Situated close to the city of Groningen the school is easily accessible by road and public transport.
Through the International Baccalaureate Organisation
the school provides high quality English language
education in a pleasant, secure and stimulating
environment to students aged from 11 to 18.

Pupils' Art Works

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Emma Vermeulen, 16yrs   Prudes and Semi Nudes (Still from a short film)
Emma Heaphrati, 15yrs   Icon---- Secrets
Emma Heaphrati, 15yrs   Unbreakable
Emma Heaphrati, 15yrs   Mikasa
Emma Heaphrati, 15yrs   Photorealism Study
Emma Blankwater, 15yrs   Is it?
Yoni Mol, 19yrs   Masked
Yoni Mol, 19yrs   Till death do us part
Giulia Nicolai, 15yrs   Dress Design - Personal Project
Cato Piek, 15yrs   Transcribing Magritte
Charlotte Tiebosch, 16yrs   Emma B
Zoe Koster, 17yrs   Escape
Zoe Koster, 17yrs   Escape
Zoe Koster, 17yrs   Escape
Marieke Boonstra, 16yrs   The Great Wave
Isabel Agtersloot, 16yrs   If you look for me, i\'m in the clouds
Tomaz van der Merwe, 17yrs   Sense of place
Roos Roelofs, 16yrs   Sad
Roos Roelofs, 16yrs   Angry
Roos Roelofs, 16yrs   Happy
Robin Beurskens, 16yrs   Dad
Tjarda Bergsma, 16yrs   No Title