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North Carolina Connections Academy

Durham / United States

North Carolina Connections Academy The mission of North Carolina Connections Academy (NCCA) is to empower children with knowledge, skills, and character traits to be successful in their education through an engaging, personalized learning experience in a full-time virtual school.

Pupils' Art Works

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AbdurRazzaq Shamsid-Deen, 15yrs   Apples in A Basket
Thomas Helm, 14yrs   My Perspective
Aminah Abushikha, 14yrs   My Bedroom
Scottlee Peterson, 15yrs   A Mother\'s Bond
Joseph Sakowski , 15yrs   Still Life
Asaiah Hernandez, 15yrs   My Story
Atalia Lopez Palacios, 15yrs   Sunset
Brandon Jung, 16yrs   Lego
Brandon Jung, 16yrs   My Different Faces
Gracen Wiebe, 15yrs   Midnight Path
Kaitlyn Potts, 15yrs   Mystery of Identity