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Holne Chase Primary School

Milton Keynes / United Kingdom

Holne Chase Primary School Holne Chase Primary is a one and half form entry school with mixed age classes for Year 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6. We also have 2 EYFS (Reception) classes.
We have a vision of what we want for 'The Holne Chase Child' so that from a child's very first day in Reception to when they leave us at the end of Year 6 they learn, achieve, are safe and happy.

We are committed to making the most of all learning opportunities and put each and every child at the centre of Our School Promise. Our promise and values are interlinked to our celebrations, achievements, curriculum and ethos. Our planning follows a cross-curricular approach to make learning more practical, realistic and meaningful.

The art that has been submitted is from the Year 3/4 Phase (aged 7 to 9). The children have been studying an art-based topic for the Autumn 2 term (6 weeks) based on the life and work of Klimt, Gormley, Cezanne, Picasso, Giacometti. The children used these artists as a stimulus and inspiration to create their own art. On 15/12/15, the children exhibited their art in classroom gallery and sold their art. The proceeds from the art sale will go to a charity we are supporting for street children.

Pupils' Art Works

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Maple Pupil 1, Aged 8yrs   Historic nature
Maple Pupil 2, Aged 8yrs   The hopes and dreams of a human
Maple Pupil 3, Aged 8yrs   Relax
Willow Pupil 1, Aged 8yrs   Islamic Stars
Willow Pupil 2, Aged 8yrs   The Unusual
Willow Pupil 3, Aged 9yrs   Christmas Picasso
Oak Pupil 1, Aged 7yrs   Bookworm
Oak Pupil 2, Aged 8yrs   The gymnast
Oak Pupil 3, Aged 7yrs   Travelling through a book
Oak Pupil 4, Aged 7yrs   Strong Silver
Oak Pupil 5, Aged 8yrs   Sadness
Oak Pupil 6, Aged yrs   The Star of Life