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Marin Academy

San Rafael / United States

Marin Academy Marin Academy is a private high school in Northern California.

Pupils' Art Works

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Luke Raddue, 17yrs   Mysterious
Sara Muñoz Ledo, 18yrs   Fluid
Sara Muñoz Ledo, 18yrs   Whirlwind
Sara Muñoz Ledo, 18yrs   Haz
Sara Muñoz Ledo, 18yrs   Marina
Samantha Klingelhofer, 16yrs   Snip
Samantha Klingelhofer, 16yrs   Flour Flower
Maddy Kuhn, 16yrs   How\'s My Hair?
Jacqui Levitan, 16yrs   Blind
Jacqui Levitan, 16yrs   Fabulous
Lindsay Levine, 17yrs   Diaphanous
Lindsay Levine, 17yrs   Swinging In the Clouds
Lindsay Levine, 17yrs   Grounded
Jacqui Levitan, 16yrs   Alter Ego
Celine Bennett, 16yrs   Abandoned
Celine Bennett, 16yrs   Mourning the Loss of Snow
Celine Bennett, 16yrs   The Worry
Celine Bennett, 16yrs   Disappearing Dock
Celine Bennett, 16yrs   Boats
Celine Bennett, 16yrs   Empty