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Guadalupe-parkway Somerville Centers

Guadalupe-Parkway Somerville Centers Guadalupe-Parkway Sommerville Centers was founded in 1962 by Barbara Sommerville and the Lubbock Area United Way to address the needs of the families living in the Guadalupe neighborhood. After the 1970 tornado destroyed and damaged much of downtown and east Lubbock, Ms. Sommerville perceived the need for a similar center in the Parkway-Cherry Point neighborhood. Over the years, the Centers have served thousands of children and their families, providing literacy training, language skills, family living training and academic support.

Today, the Guadalupe-Parkway Sommerville Centers provide multiple opportunities for children to grow and learn. Instruction in computers, literacy, competitive sports and fine arts are offered. Enrichment classes provide opportunities for children to develop self-presentation, character, confidence, leadership and discipline.


Pupils' Art Works

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