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St Mary' S Menston A Catholic Voluntary Academy

Leeds / United Kingdom

St Mary\' s Menston A Catholic Voluntary Academy St Mary's Menston is a Voluntary Catholic Academy.

Pupils' Art Works

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Rosie Summers, 18yrs   Unamed Portrait
Bethany Leach, 18yrs   Waffle
Bethany Leach, 18yrs   Cake
Bethany Leach-, 18yrs   Ice Cream
Bethany Leach-, 18yrs   Eggs
Isabella Parry, 18yrs   Elastic band portrait
Emily Pilgrim, 18yrs   Portrait
Roisin Clancy, 17yrs   Horse
Helena Hunt, 18yrs   Portrait
Olivia Leonard, 18yrs   Portrait
Eleanor Thompson, 17yrs   Portrait
Jacob Page, 17yrs   Sculpture
Jacob Page, 17yrs   Sculpure 2
Emily Pilgrim, 18yrs   Portrait 2