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St Benedict's School

London / United Kingdom

St Benedict\'s School Independent Catholic Day School

Pupils' Art Works

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Charlie Sanderson, 17yrs   The World Crisis
Charlie Sanderson, 17yrs   Geometric Relief
Charlie Sanderson, 17yrs   Alchemy of Pewter
David Hope, 17yrs   Precession
Maria Drannikova, 18yrs   Growth
Amilla Sadhra, 17yrs   Caught in the Act
Amilla Sadhra, 17yrs   Own Fair Hands
David Hope, 17yrs   Magnetic Flux
David Hope, 17yrs   (37 Hz)
David Hope, 17yrs   Alternative Still Life
David Hope, 17yrs   Function vs Form
Rebecca Beaumont, 17yrs   Do You Ever Feel Invisible
Megan Hunt, 18yrs   Hybrid
Rebecca Beaumont, 17yrs   Growth and Decay