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Berlin Metropolitan School

Berlin / Germany

Berlin Metropolitan School We are the international all-day school in the Berlin Mitte district. As an authorized IB World School we are the only school in the center of Berlin that fulfills the high standards of the IB Organization. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive and continuous education from kindergarten to 12th grade based on the highest international standards and the educational requirements of the Berlin Senate. We currently have 850 students learning in our Preschool, Primary School and Secondary School. As an international school, we will offer the IB DP Programme beginning in 2014, with the first Diploma students graduating in 2016.

Pupils' Art Works

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Ashton Hinton, 16yrs   Rapencil
Ashton Hinton, 16yrs   Wonder
Ashton Hinton, 16yrs   Little Indian Girl
Ashton Hinton, 16yrs   Sunflowers
Elif Saygin, 16yrs   Girl
Elif Saygin, 16yrs   Lunch
Ashton Hinton, 17yrs   Melancholy
Ashton Hinton, 17yrs   She Dreams of Nature
Ashton Hinton, 17yrs   Bruised Soul
Ashton Hinton, 17yrs    Winter