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Almeria Middle School

Fontana / United States

Almeria Middle School Mission Statement

“Learning Today for Success Tomorrow”

Almeria Middle School is one of seven middle schools in the Fontana Unified School District. Over the past few years the student population in the district has changed rapidly. Almeria currently has a population of approximately 981 students in grades 6-8. The students come from diverse backgrounds, including 78.7% Hispanic or Latino, 10.2% African-American, 6.2% White, 2.2% Filipino, 1.5% Asian, .4% Pacific Islander and .8% other ethnic backgrounds

Pupils' Art Works

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Omar Lechuga, 14yrs   Pen and Ink Owl
Jaasmin Navarro, 14yrs   Color pencil parrot
Diego Castillo, 14yrs   Sunflowers in ink
Diego Castillo, 14yrs   Wolf (ink line drawing)