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Pikes Lane Primary School

Bolton / United Kingdom

Pikes Lane Primary School We are a two-form entry primary school, with around 520 pupils aged from 2 years old to 12. We have a broad mixture of faith, culture and ethnicity and we celebrate this diversity through arts, whilst promoting British Values. We are fully committed to ensuring that our pupils get the very best performing and visual arts opportunities during their time with us. Our school motto is 'Together We Can Be The Best'.

We have selected 10 entries for the contest. The pupils have created this work totally independently, at home, and we have selected the best entries to be put forward for consideration.

Pupils' Art Works

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Anon (contact for details) , 8 yrs   face
Amin, 10 years old yrs   Car
Zahra, 10 years old yrs   Planet
Saaqib, 8 years old yrs   City Tree
Hadiyah, 10 years old yrs   Landing
Muhammad, 8yrs   Forrest
Saood, 8 years old yrs   Polysemetrics
Maryam, 10 years old yrs   Manga Princess
Anon (contact for details) , Year 4 yrs   Graffiti Portrait
Mikhail, 10 years old yrs   Bones