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London / United Kingdom

University College School Teaching and learning at UCS is driven by far more than simply the desire to achieve top examination results. Our aim is to produce students who can progress to university with the confidence and motivation to stand alone as independent learners, with a firm basis of knowledge, experience and understanding, and a strong sense of values, personal integrity and compassion.

Pupils' Art Works

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Oliver Pattni, 18yrs   Mandap
Jack Davies, 18yrs   Friends
Maya Sacks, 18yrs   Kitchen
Noah Segel, 18yrs   Painting through sculpture
Noah Segel, 18yrs   Projection through sculpture
Stella Pearce, 18yrs   Bionic Lady
Noah Segel, 18yrs   Life Drawing studies 1,2,3
Lili Fletcher, 17yrs   Cages
Georgie Morris, 17yrs   Bone Collector
Ben Caro, 17yrs   Self-Portrait
Ben Caro, 17yrs   Nautical
Ben Caro, 17yrs   Seaworthy
Ben Caro, 17yrs   Sail
Sofia Pattni, 17yrs   Deep-sea trawling
Thomas Redko, 18yrs   Industry meets form
Oliver Pattni, 18yrs   Brother
Nick Collee, 16yrs   Metamorphosis
James Scott, 16yrs   Seascape
Emil Sands, 17yrs   Kate
Emil Sands, 17yrs   Stella