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Torquay Academy

Torquay / United Kingdom

Torquay Academy Torquay Academy is a secondary non-selective coastal school in Devon. The academy is part of a Multi-Academy Trust in partnership with Torquay Boys Grammer School. In January 2010 the school moved into a new building as part of the Building Schools for the Future scheme. The headteacher is Steve Margetts. The school motto is "to aspire and to achieve".

Pupils' Art Works

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Louis Ruegg, 16yrs  
Eleanor Nixon, 15yrs   Self Portrait
Eleanor Nixon, 15yrs   self portrait
Sharon Chiang, 17yrs   Self Portrait
louis Ruegg, 16yrs    Self Portrait Collage
Saffy Jones, 16yrs   Self portrait
Jarrell Simmonds, 16yrs   Self portrait
Sharon Chiang, 17yrs  
Saffy Jones, 16yrs   Reflections
Cohen Hale, 16yrs   Immersed in a dream
Saffy Jones, 16yrs   Mum on a good day
Jess Tarrant, 15yrs   Ceramic Dancer
Louis Ruegg, 15yrs   Stag
Louis Ruegg, 16yrs   After Caravaggio: Controversial Identity