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Ab Miller High School

Fontana / United States

AB Miller High School AB Miller High School was built in 1991. It is located in Fontana and is under the Fontana Unified School DIstrict.
A.B. Miller High School is named after Azariel Blanchard Miller (1878–1941) who is credited as the founder of the city of Fontana. In 1905, he brought 200 head of horse, mules, plows, scrapers and tents into the area and began transforming 17,000 acres of sand, sage brush and rock into a great citrus fruit, poultry and live stock farm. In March 2010, Fontana A.B. Miller High School was placed on a list of the lowest performing high schools in the state. A transformation model was put in place in the school, which called for the replacement of the principal and rewarding teachers based on student performance. The principal was not replaced at that time, however, due to being on the job less than 2 years.

A.B. Miller emerged as model school after the SIG process and increased its API score 104 points over the course of the grant. Today, A.B. Miller continues to emphasize student achievement and has implemented programs to enrich students of all levels. Students who need to build their academic capacity are enrolled in intervention courses in Math and English aimed at developing their academic skills. Students are also exposed to a-g approved college prep and Advanced Placement courses that are designed to create college-ready students. In addition, students have the choice to enroll in enrichment courses designed to create a well-rounded individual; these courses include: Marine Biology, Astronomy, Sociology, Psychology, Health and Fitness, Yoga, Dance conservatory, Anthropology, and Drama, Art I, Art II, and in 2016-2017 AP Studio Art.

A.B. Miller also offers a strong AVID program whose teachers have ensured 100% of the students in the program are accepted to a four-year university. The school also offers three courses/programs designed to build leadership skills within the student body; these programs include ASB, Link Crew, and Peer Leaders. Lastly, the school's athletic program affords students the opportunity to participate in the following sports: Football, Boys and Girls Cross Country, Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Golf, Boys and Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Soccer, Boys and Girls Track & Field, and Boys and Girls Wrestling.

Pupils' Art Works

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Alondra M, 17yrs   Of The Sea
Alondra M, 17yrs   Peace In Nature
Amber H, 17yrs   cracked beauty
Kittyana M, 16yrs   Blossom
Maribel T M, 17yrs   Within Yourself
Della N, 18yrs   The Dream Within Depression
Ezra V, 17yrs   Childhood\'s Shadow
Dalia M, 15 years oldyrs   Fun
Dalia M, 15yrs   Dream Killer
Christian R, 17 yrs  
Christian R, 17yrs  
Destiny C, 17yrs  
Destiny C, 17yrs   Meditation
Kimberly V, 18yrs  
Kimberly V, 18yrs  
Dionicia J, 17yrs   The Cage of Dreams
Jazmin M, 18yrs  
Jennifer G, 17yrs   Queen of Hearts
Josefina R, 17yrs  
Kevin I, 17yrs   The Holocaust
Jennifer G, 17yrs   Deery Night