Gymnasium Schloss Ploen

secondary school with priority sectors of music and fine arts



Gymnasium Schloss Ploen
Prinzenstr. 8
Phone: +49 4522 74180

Pupils' Art Work
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Fenna, 15yrs, 9   disturbed sunset
Kirsten, 16yrs, 9   disturbed dunset
Max , 15yrs, 8   animal
Isabell, 12yrs, 6   nice woman head
Paula, 12yrs, Kl 6   Indian
Marleen, 12yrs, Kl 6   Indian
Boj, 12yrs, Kl 6   wearing fruits
Bent, 12yrs, Kl 6   old stuff
Erik, 12yrs, Kl 6   old stuff
Henrike, 15yrs, Kl 9   Oetzi
Anna, 14yrs, Kl 9   Oetzi
Dorathea, 14yrs, Kl 9   Oetzi
Linus, 12yrs, Kl 6   Insects
Alessa, 12yrs, Kl 6   Insects
Annika, 18yrs, Kl 12   Figures
Kira, 17yrs, Kl 12   Figures
katharina, 14yrs, 8 Kl   medicineman
Marieke, 14yrs, Kl 8   medicineman
Kathi, 14yrs, 8 Kl   medicineman
kirsten, 14yrs, Kl 8   medicineman
Jannika, 13yrs, Kl 7   In a Plane
Lisa, 14yrs, 7 kl   In a Plane
Julia, 14yrs, 7 Kl   In a Plane
Marina, 12yrs, Kl 6   Transporter
Mona, 12yrs, Kl 6   Transporter
Fenna, 16yrs, 10 kl   deepsea fish
Soenke, 16yrs, 10 Kl   fish of deepsea
Marieke, 17yrs, 10 Kl   deepseafish
Lennard, 16yrs, 10 Kl   deepseafish
Katharina, 16yrs, 10 Kl   deepseafish
allof 6th, 11yrs, 6 class   jellyfish swarm
Isabell, 12yrs, 6 Kl   jellyfishswarm
Patrick, 12yrs, Kl 6   swarm of jellyfish
Marie, 12yrs, 6 Kl   swarm of jellyfish
Frank, 11yrs, 6 Kl   swarm of jellyfish
Lina, 18yrs, 13 Kl   free
Christina, 18yrs, 13 KL   like musc
Malin, 18yrs, 13 Kl   musical picture
Fynn, 18yrs, 13 Kl   flash
Barbara, 18yrs, 13 Kl   moving forms
Sebastian, 18yrs, 13 Kl   mystery of life
Kira L, 18yrs, 13   o.T.
Kira S, 18yrs, 13   cosmic
Annika, 18yrs, 13   machine
Kira L, 18yrs, 13   network and lines
Yvonne, 18yrs, 13   regular
annika, 18yrs, 13   organic
petra, 18yrs, 13   lightpaintig
yvonne, 18yrs, 13   chaotic lines
elsbe, 19yrs, 13   head
elsbe, 19yrs, 13   headpicture
lea, 19yrs, 13   assemblage 1
lea, 19yrs, 13   assemblage 2
lea, 19yrs, 13   chickenfeet
michelle, 12yrs, 6   old kitchen
fiona, 12yrs, 6   old mansion, detail
fiona, 12yrs, 6   old mansion
merle, 19yrs, 13   lines and colours
merle, 19yrs, 13   structures and colours
merle, 19yrs, 13   structures and colours
laura, 11yrs, 5   at the table
liv, 11yrs, 5   at the table
sophie, 11yrs, 5   at the table
selma, 11yrs, 5   at the table
malene janina, 16yrs, 10   stuffed bats
melanie tim, 16yrs, 10   stuffed bats
sabrina hanna, 16yrs, 10   stuffed bats
hannah jo ann, 16yrs, 10   stuffed bat
lea, 19yrs, 13   assemblage 3
yvonne, 19yrs, 13  
gesche, 19yrs, 13  
gesche, 19yrs, 13   extensions
kira s, 19yrs, 13   circle composition
kira l, 19yrs, 13  
yvonne, 19yrs, 13  
kira l, 19yrs, 13  
nina, 17yrs, 11   chairs
emilie, 17yrs, 11  
annika, 17yrs, 11   four hands
lisa s, 17yrs, 11   still life
emilie, 17yrs, 11  
gesche, 19yrs, 13  
gesche, 19yrs, 13   figures
henrike, 17yrs, 6  
sarah, 17yrs, 6  
anna, 17yrs, 6  
angy, 17yrs, 6   butterfly
diana, 12yrs, 6   old cellar room
philippa, 12yrs, 6   red room
bjarne, 12yrs, 6   old cellar
inga, 12yrs, 6   old mansion
berit, 12yrs, 6   sleeping room
class 6c, 11-12 yrsyrs, 6   an old house

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