St Margaret´s British School For Girls

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ST MARGARET´S BRITISH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS St. Margaret’s British School for Girls is very proud to carry its name after Queen Margaret of Scotland who lived during the XI Century and stood out for her personal virtues and Christian values, specially for her kindness, nobility, spirit of service, commitment to her duties and for her strong faith in God.

Based on sound moral standards, granting value to knowledge, speaking truth, acting humbly, our school has involved all these in its motto: RECTE FAC NEC TIME, (Do right - Fear not), which should be the light in our path.

Our curriculum has introduced International programmes, which enables us to educate young girls for life’s challenges by participating in the cultural world, stimulating sensitivity towards their neighbours and qualifying them to be capable of making a positive impact and contribution to society.

We believe in creating an atmosphere based on trust, respect and harmony, in a well organised and safe environment for all who are part of St. Margaret’s.

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Pupils' Art Works

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