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Bishop\'s Stortford College Bishop’s Stortford College is a place of learning – a place where boys and girls have wonderful opportunities to become fulfilled, skilful and happy young men and women. Ensuring this process of all round growth - academically, morally, spiritually, athletically, and creatively - is our aim.

Every pupil is encouraged, taught and challenged to fulfil his or her true potential, by being immersed in an environment of discovery and wholehearted participation. We strive to allow time and space for academic work to be balanced by sport, music, drama, and a diverse choice of other activities including the Duke of Edinburgh scheme in the Senior School, service to the community and opportunities for leadership.

We hope that an appreciation and a love of creativity will remain with them for the rest of their lives, and we make sure that each pupil has the chance to join in and try new experiences, whatever their abilities and interests.

Our aim is that our young people, as the result of an education here, should be able to contribute constructively to society and play a full role in it, whatever their chosen path.

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Pupils' Art Works

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