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Littlemasters Fine Art For Primary School Children

London / United Kingdom

LittleMasters Fine Art for Primary School Children LittleMasters is a not for profit organisation of voluntary artists who teach fine art to primary school children. We currently represent 5 primary schools in south west London.

Pupils' Art Works

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Millie, 10yrs   Apple
Amy, 9yrs   Molly
Honor L., 9yrs   Blue Ballerina
Eleanor, 9yrs   Maggie Smith
Ottavia, 7yrs   Shadows on the Beach
Maria, 7yrs   Pretty Lady
Ruby, 10yrs   Arabesque
Cecilia, 7yrs   Lady sitting in a field of Flowers
Billy, 10yrs   Berbatov
Pollyanna, 7yrs   Midnight Summers Dream
Greg, 10yrs   What war does to You
Fred, 7yrs   Elephant
Iona, 7yrs   Brighton Beach after William Turner
Sasha, 11yrs  
Ishbel, 9yrs   My Beautiful Mummy
Cassandra, 7yrs   Lady with Pots
Aylin, 10yrs  
Beatrice, 7yrs   Breaking the Surface
Bob, 11yrs   Off Piste
Hugo, 8yrs   \'floating\'
Wilfred, 8yrs   Grandpa
Luke, 8yrs   Reading the Newspaper
Paloma, 11yrs   Lady Gaga
Georgia, 8yrs   A bit on the cold side !
Sam, 8yrs  
Louis, 8yrs   Oranges
Amelia, 8yrs   Mystery Flower
Charlie, 6yrs   Lake Como
Fiona, 7yrs   Yellow Brick Road
Mungo, 8yrs   Motorbiking !
Poppy Dar, 7yrs   Rock & Roll Frog
Emma, 9yrs   Rose Cottage
Sophie N., 7yrs   Daisy Valley
Honor W., 10yrs   Bridges on the Thames
Isobel F., 10yrs   Tudor Queens
Sophie M., 8yrs   Splash
Isobel J., 7yrs   Mrs Peacock
Oliver, 8yrs   Ollie
George, 6yrs   Racing Cars
Ram, 9yrs   Fleurs
Izzy, 9yrs   The Monarch
Katie, 7yrs   Heron
Harriet, 9yrs   Out in the Countryside
Lucinda, 8yrs   Vase of Flowers
Molly, 9yrs   Mackerel
Grace, 8yrs   Little House
Amy, 6yrs   Beautiful Flowers
Biba, 8yrs   Study of David and Bathsheba after Marc Chagall
Isabella, 7yrs   Study of Still Life with Peppermint Bottle  after Cezanne
Oscar, 6yrs   Study of Fields and Cypresses after Van Gogh
Leonardo, 9yrs   Still Life Vase of Flowers
Jolie, 3yrs   Little Boat on the sea
Jose, 4yrs   Study of Starry Night after Van Gogh
Lorenzo, 11yrs   Still Life in Pastel