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Singapore International School, Hk

Hong Kong / Hong Kong

Singapore International School, HK Presently, the school has an enrollment of approximately 1280 pupils, from Primary through to Secondary. We have more than 20 nationalities with Singaporeans and Hong Kong citizens forming the majority. We are a caring, cosmopolitan community of vibrant learners striving for excellence in the pursuit of knowledge and pupil development. Students at SIS study iGCSE and International Baccalaureate.

Pupils' Art Works

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Ng YU NING , 17yrs   Kingly Anger
Liu Si Jia LETITIA , 15yrs   Human Fission
Yap CHARLYNN, 15yrs   Twelve Dancing Princesses
Cheng Kai Xin CLAUDIA, 15yrs   It\'s the Sixties Tomorrow
Lai Huai En RACHEL, 15yrs   Blobtropolis
Lau Xing Yi JESSIE, 15yrs  
Tan BO SHEN, 16yrs   Later That Evening
Yuen Wing Ching EMILY, 16yrs   Enlightenment
Foo CHENG, 13yrs   Myself and I
Chan HIU KI, 17yrs  
Lau LOK HANG, 18yrs   The Other Book of Life
Ng YU NING, 17yrs   Mad Cat
Tsai Yu En EVELYN, 16yrs   Spirit of Fruits
Tsai Yu En EVELYN, 17yrs   Through the Looking Glass, Darkly
Chan Wai Hon JONATHAN, 15yrs   Urban Decay Research Centre
Ng LOUISE, 14yrs   Pull Up Your Socks And Clean Up Your Act!
Chan HIU KI, 17yrs   C(lose) Connections
Li CHENHUI, 14yrs   To Soar Like an Eagle
Zeng ELENA, 14yrs   Myth, Meaning and Me
Lau LOK HANG, 18yrs   Speed of Life
Chee Kun Tan THOMAS, 16yrs   Blackjack Table
Chee Kun Tan THOMAS, 16yrs   Magritte Empire
Tan BO SHEN, 16yrs   Silenced
Chow HIU TUNG, 16yrs   Water Trickled Through Our Fingers