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Let's Art Youth Art Center

Seoul / Korea, Republic of

Let\'s Art Youth Art Center Let's Art Youth Art center is a private art school established since 2003. The enrollment of student range is age 5 to 19. It is located in Seoul, Korea.
Let's Art has been recognized its excellence in the creative art and design education through out the world.

Pupils' Art Works

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Soo-Youn Yoon, 10yrs   Homage to Video Artist
Kyeongjun Lee, 16yrs   London Calling Hearts and Seoul
Gyeong-Bo Shim, 12yrs   Outdoor in Sunday afternoon
Gyeong-Bo Shim, 12yrs   Lets and Art
Victoria Jisoo Han, 6th gradeyrs   Emotion: Horrer inside of me
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 6thyrs   Emotion: Light
Se-Yeon Cheon, 10yrs   Emotion: A Sign for terror
Avery Kang, 15yrs   Emotion: What a feeling
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 12yrs   Forest Stream
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 12yrs   Stormy Day
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 12yrs   My Dog
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 12yrs   Texture Fish
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 12yrs   Red Flowers
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 12yrs   Homage to Picasso
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 12yrs   Midnight Owl
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 12yrs   Old Tree
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 12yrs   Comic Cat
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 12yrs   Red Poppys on Monet\'s Garden
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 12yrs   Jump
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 12yrs   Melancholy
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 12yrs   Iceberg
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 12yrs   First Love
David Hyungsun Choi, 12yrs   Ghomok4: Hide and Seek
David Hyungsun Choi, 12yrs   Ghomok: The War
David Hyungsun Choi, 12yrs   Ghomok2
David Hyungsun Choi, 12yrs   Ghomok1
David Hyungsun Choi, 12yrs   Life
David Hyungsun Choi, 12yrs   Life Box
Kenneth Hyunhyu Shin, 15yrs   Composition2
Gyeong-Bo Shim, 12yrs   My Teacher Mr. Lee
Seo-Hyun Yoo, 10yrs   Self Portrait
Hyo-Joo Kim, 13yrs   Portrait of Model
Kenneth Hyunhyu Shin, 15yrs   Every Morning
Seo-Hyun Yoo, 10yrs   Continuation of Dream
Kenneth Hyunkyu Shin, 15yrs   Time and Place
Hyunmin Yang, 8yrs   Dark and Light
Hyunwoo Yoo, 8yrs   Dark and Light
Jung-Eun Park, 9yrs   Dark and Light
Min-Seo Jung, 9yrs   Dark and Light
Seung-Chan Lee, 8yrs   Dark and Light
Ye-Ram Jo, 8yrs   Dark and Light
Yeon-Soo Choi, 11yrs   Winter Breeze
Hyun-Jin Yang, 12yrs   Self Portrait
Se-Rin Kim, 11yrs   Self Portrait
Sang-Hyun Ahn, 10yrs   Mountains
Hyo-Joo Kim, 13yrs   Emotion: \'Ggotjebi\' - Little Refugee of North Korea
Gyeong-Bo Shim, 12yrs   Old Tree
Sung-Jun Park, 11yrs   Heaven
Hee-Min Nam, 10yrs   A Couple
Anna Kim, 12yrs   Emotion - Relationship
Ye-Joo Lee, 13yrs   Exquisite Corpse: Cyber Sapce
Eui-Jin Choi, 8yrs   Warped View
Jung-Min Lee, 11yrs   Emotion-twisted and intertwined
Sung-Jun Park, 11yrs   Warped View
Ye-Joo Lee, 13yrs   Emotion-falling memories
Yeon-Soo Choi, 12yrs   Emotion-My dear bride
Victoria Ji-Soo Han, 13yrs   Feeling: A frog in the sewer.
Jessie Jeong-Yeon Choi, 13yrs   City-Scream-Confession
Sung-Jun Park, 11yrs   Emtion-A and B
Ji-Soo Huh, 13yrs   Journey
Hyo-Joo Kim, 13yrs   A Sad Story
Gyeong-Bo Shim, 12yrs   what\'s under the water?
Victoria Jisoo Han, 13yrs   Field in Sunset
Hyo-Joo Kim, 13yrs   A Dream Room
Gyeong-Bo Shim, 12yrs   Emotion
Gyeong-Bo Shim, 12yrs   Emotion
Gyeong-Bo Shim, 12yrs   My Teacher Mr. Lee
Je-Sung Yoon, 10yrs   Emtion: Sound and feeling
Kyu-Won Han, 9yrs  
Jun Sang Kim, 9yrs   Portrait of my teacher
Hyo-Joo Kim, 12yrs   Time and Memory of one\'s life
Kyung-Joon Kenny Min, 7yrs   City - Fairy
Ki Jung Park, 13yrs   My hero
Sungjoon Park, 11yrs   My Hero: Steve the Genious.
Jung-Eun Park, 9yrs   My Teacher Mr. Lee
Hyunmin Yang, 7yrs   My Teacher Mr. Lee
Seun-Joo Woo, 12yrs   My hero
Sarah Chaeeun Yoon, 13yrs   Princess
Kyungbo Shim, 12yrs   Everyday Life
Sung-Eun Lee, 9yrs   Portrait of my teacher
Ji Yoon Lee, 9yrs   life forms in dream
Ki Jung Park, 13yrs   Chaos-Dream
Jung-Min Lee, 10yrs   Fish in motion
Ji Min Lee, 17yrs   A boy with plastic Stick in his mouth