Rydens Enterprise School And Sixth Form

Surrey / United Kingdom

Rydens Enterprise School and Sixth Form Rydens Enterprise School and Sixth Form College (RES) is a successful and forward looking school where learning is at the heart of everything we do, where all young people are equally valued and where all staff ‘believe’ that every one of our students will ‘succeed’ and are committed to providing the very best education for all.

We provide a wide range of opportunities to help all our students ‘achieve’ their best in every aspect of their personal, social, academic, sporting and moral development. We are an academy serving our local community and proud of it. We value and reward progress and achievement and celebrate success in many ways.

RES is a well disciplined and happy school. As they walk around the school, visitors are impressed with the calm, friendly and orderly atmosphere in classrooms and around the school site. Relationships amongst students and between students and staff are excellent and a feeling of respect pervades the school.

We are a school with high expectations and aspirations for the future. Our curriculum is designed to offer a broad range of opportunities so that students not only gain the best examination results they can, but also develop the skills they will need for a successful and fulfilled life.

As an Enterprise School we have strong links with our business community and enterprise is reflected in our curriculum. Students take dedicated skills lessons in the lower school and all students have the opportunity to get involved in our Enterprise days.

We are proud of our school, the students and staff in it and the aims and aspirations we all share. The prospectus gives you a flavour of the life at RES. If you would like to know more about us first hand, please call me to arrange a personal visit.

Nikki Knight

Pupils' Art Works

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Ellen Francis, 14yrs   REMIX Project
Giorgia Jennings, 17yrs   \
Tania Naneva, 17yrs   Untitled
Amy Noble, 17yrs   Untitled
Emilia Dec, 12yrs   Untitled
Maj Ibrahim, 12yrs   Untitled
Eva Butler, 17yrs   Untitled
Jack Milburn, 17yrs   Untitled
Denis Baran, 13yrs   Untitled
Stephanie Underwood, 17yrs   Untitled
Matt James, 17yrs   911 Block towers
Matt James, 17yrs   Italian Park Tree
Matt James, 17yrs   Really big mistakes
Matt James, 17yrs   Millennials Poster
Becky Wilson, 15yrs   Untitled
Lottie Percival, 18yrs   Untitled
Callum Arthurs, 18yrs   Untitled
Katie Smith, 18yrs   Untitled
Anna Roshani-Pakchin , 15yrs   Untitled
Kanisha Thorne, 15yrs   Untitled
Kanisha Thorne, 15yrs   Untitled
Kanisha Thorne, 15yrs   Untitled