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Ib World School 1531 Raszynska

Warsaw / Poland

IB World School 1531 Raszynska Ingmar Bergman IB gathers students from different cultures, what makes them all together aware of the problems modern world has to deal with,. Their projects are both deeply rooted in historical and cultural contexts, what combined with regular visits in museums and creativity gradually paves them the way to art colleges.

Pupils' Art Works

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Ola Arent, 18yrs   Disharmony between a barefoot man under big bamboo and a beastly mosquito (diptych)
Ola Arent, 18yrs   Fall of man
Lena ZieliƄska, 18yrs   The Portal
Maria ƁoziƄska, 18yrs   Defining the defined
Lena ZieliƄska, 18yrs   Berlin
Maria ƁoziƄska, 18yrs   A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man
Maria ƁoziƄska, 18yrs   Priest
Maria ƁoziƄska, 18yrs   Match
Maria ƁoziƄska, 18yrs   Autoportrait
Marta Gawron, 17yrs   Ebryos of the new generation
Marina Litwinowa, 18yrs   Marina Litwinowa
Marina Litwinowa, 18yrs   Shark
Natalia Kasprzycka, 18yrs   Atoms in the Service of Men
Natalia Kasprzycka, 18yrs   Psychologie de la couleur : Effets et symboliques
Natalia Kasprzycka, 18yrs   Jellyfish
Ola Arent, 18yrs   Contemporary Olympia