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Griffin Primary School

London / United Kingdom

Griffin Primary School We are an aspirational school in a deprived inner city area of London.
We have high expectations of what children can achieve. We have a wonderful community of committed parents and carers who share our beliefs and are key partners in our work.

Our high quality learning environment is one in which children can develop positive self esteem, high achievement, respect for oneself and others, and ample opportunities to express and develop their creativity.

We are committed to ensuring that all children develop as confident and enthusiastic learners who are well prepared for Secondary School and life-long learning.

Pupils' Art Works

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Griffin Primary School, 10-11 years old, group workyrs   Why War?
Emman Khalid, age 7yrs    Apple and Pear
Fahiza Ahmed, age 7yrs   Still life with Jugs
Maisha Haque, age 7yrs   Pumpkin and Red Cup
Chelsea Rowlinson, age 7yrs   Red Strawberry
Bailey Roopnanne, age 7yrs   Beetroot
Haifa Abdi, age 7yrs   Courgette, onion, potato
Ivan Coehlo, age 7yrs   various vegetables
Alison Ocana, age 10yrs   paper and wood model
Tasniim Hussein, age 9 yrs   Self Portrait
Marcel Bartlett - Mingle, age 9yrs   Self Portrait
Maliq Cadogan, age 9yrs   Self Portrait
Malachi Nwadialor - O'Connor, age 10yrs   Self Portrait
Ladan Abdulle, age 9yrs   self portrait
Rebecca Heinz, age 9yrs   Self portrait