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Journeys: Saatchi Gallery/ Deutsche Bank Art Prize for Schools 2009-15 presents selected artworks from the 2009 - 2015 Prizes. Many shortlisted students go on to study at art school and work towards careers as practising artists. Here we have displayed original shortlisted artworks alongside examples of students' current practice in order to showcase their creative development. This exhibition tracks their journeys from secondary school art lessons to current creative enquiry in the studio, and demonstrates the importance of the Art Prize to budding young artists.

The exhibition features work by: Ola Arent, Shemi Black, Daisy Carrick-Smith, Lucja Jain, James Lomax, Lauren Mincher, Max Openshaw, Rosie Rendles, Julia Whiting, Dafydd Williams, Zander Whitehurst and Grace Wooler.

Journeys will be on display in galleries 11 & 12 from April 9th. We are pleased to announce that the Saatchi Gallery/ Deutsche Bank Art Prize for Schools 2016 exhibition has been extended and will run alongside Journeys in galleries 13 & 14.

Please note: visitors wishing to visit the Schools Prize exhibitions will need to buy a ticket to Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones in order to gain entry to the building.


The Saatchi Galley is delighted to announce the winners of the Saatchi Gallery/ Deutsche Bank Art Prize for Schools 2016. This year the Prize received over 22,000 entries from 54 different countries. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to enter, the standard was extremely high.

Na-Young Kim,7 years old, from Let's Art Youth Art Centre Korea, won the Primary School category for her mixed media artwork A Couple. A group of eight students- Elia Nikoletta, Hampiaouris Christos, Mouskis Giorgos, Vasilis Vasiliou, Haralampous Christos, Panagiotis Panagiotou, Annita Gianni and Valma Loukia, 16-18 years, from St Loucas Kolossi High School in Cyprus were awarded first place in the Secondary School category for their sculpture Immigrants. Both category winners received £1,000 and their respective schools' art departments were awarded £5,000 each to spend on art and computer equipment.

The overall winner is the group of eight students from Cyprus, who were awarded an additional £2,000 and collected a further £10,000 for their school.

The winners were announced by Alistair Hicks, Deutsche Bank's Senior Art Curator at an exclusive reception at the Saatchi Gallery in London on 3 March, 2016.

The panel of judges this year included Alistair Hicks, Senior Curator for Deutsche Bank; Nigel Hurst, CEO of the Saatchi Gallery; Jeremy Newton, CEO of Children & the Arts; Alastair Sooke, Art Critic and Broadcaster, The Telegraph and BBC and Julia Wachtel, Artist whose work is currently on display at the Saatchi Gallery as part of the exhibition Champagne Life.

Artist and Judge Julia Wachtel said: "I am very impressed with the level of focus, commitment and integrity of these young artists. Whether addressing the social and environmental crises of our time, or exploring a more personal and interior space, these artists have demonstrated a maturity beyond their years. They have produced beautiful and compelling artworks. Congratulations to all."

Jeremy Newton commented, "I was absolutely amazed by the ambition of the artists and the thought provoking nature of their works. Seeing how these young artists have engaged with the world around them, their creativity and sheer ingenuity gave me a thrill, a buzz and a sense of wonder. It's inspiring, and of course, incredibly pleasing to see such raw and exciting talent within our schools. Congratulations to the winners, who truly deserve their prize."

An exhibition of the 20 shortlisted artworks took place from March 4th-9th.

The prize money provides art departments with the ability to install state of the art computer and printing equipment and provide high quality art materials which allow pupils to explore, develop and realise their creative potential.

Saatchi Gallery/Deutsche Bank Art Prize for Schools is unique in its scope and accessibility, and is one of the largest international competitions open to primary, secondary and sixth form schools from around the world. Schools are invited to submit artwork by students between the ages of 4-18 years.

The Saatchi Gallery has a 30-year-long history of supporting emerging artists and bringing contemporary art to as wide an audience as possible. The Saatchi Gallery/ Deutsche Bank Art Prize for Schools aims to support and encourage budding young artists by providing them with a platform to showcase their work, and giving them the confidence to continue studying art and to consider a creative career.

Deutsche Bank's support of the Prize is part of its Born to Be youth engagement programme. Born to Be aims to break the cycle of youth unemployment through early intervention and is dedicated to helping the next generation fulfil their potential by raising aspirations, developing skills and providing access to opportunities.

The support of Deutsche Bank has enabled the Saatchi Gallery to offer tailored artist-led workshops to pupils from schools where the need is greatest. The workshops increase pupils' understanding of fine art processes and provide the opportunity to work with specialist art materials, helping pupils to explore and realise their creative potential. This year we are pleased to announce the introduction of artist-led Continued Professional Development (CPD) workshops for art teachers from these schools. The workshops aim to support art teachers who are working with limited resources by providing space, time, solutions and ideas to approaching art making, and ultimately serve to open up the Schools Prize to students from all educational backgrounds.

Overall Winners/ Secondary Category Winners: Group of 8 students, St Loucas Kolossi High School, Cyprus, with
Nigel Hurst, CEO of the Saatchi Gallery and Alistair Hicks, Senior Curator for Deutsche Bank.
Primary Category Winner: Na-Young Kim, Let's
Art Youth Art Center Korea,
with Nigel Hurst and Alistair Hicks


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