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Ringgold High School Ringgold High School is a diverse rural educational institution in northern Louisiana. The high school operates in conjunction with junior high as one entity. There are 270 total students 06-12 grade. 31-9th, 38-10th, 36-11th, and 38-12th in terms of high school alone. Ringgold is a low income area which lacks surrounding businesses and the support of an outside community. 99% of students are on free and reduced lunch programs for lunches. The faculty here embraces the arts and utilizes painting, sculpture, video, photography, drawing and other mediums as outlets for students to succeed in their academics directly or alternately as a means of learning. I teach talented visual arts throughout the parish at 5 other schools and this is by far the one which utilizes and embraces art as a means to learn in all curriculum. The adjoining elementary school also shares the same love and enthusiasm for the arts. Art and creative expression is one thing the students can use to feel better about themselves and find their sense of worth.

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