ARTiculation 2018

London Regional Heat at the Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery was pleased to welcome ARTiculation back on January 17th for its London Regional Heat. The event saw 10 participants present their thoughts on a variety of self-selected pieces of art, design and architecture. The competition was adjudicated by Psychoanalyst and author, Darian Leader, who had the very difficult task of selecting two speakers to progress to the Grand Final, which will be held at the University of Cambridge, Clare College on 9 March 2018.

All participants gave insightful and personable presentations, demonstrating high level research skills and confidence. Going forward from this round of Heats will be Scarlet Deans from Townley Grammar for her presentation on Louise Bourgeois’ ‘Maman’ and Annie Lee from Lady Eleanor Holles for her presentation on ‘Not Everyone Will Be Taken into the Future’ by Ilya & Emilia Kabakov.

The Saatchi Gallery has been working together with ARTiculation for over 5 years to host both support ‘Crit’ sessions and Heats as part of the overall competition. Both the Crits and Heats have offered a fantastic opportunity to continue to develop a positive learning environment for students looking to potentially progress into Art and the creative industries.

ARTiculation itself not only offers participants the chance to develop their verbal and presentation skills but it also offers the opportunity for students to work with others and build their confidence. Here at the gallery we are particularly focused on bringing new and emerging art to a broad audience. In hosting events and supporting competitions such as ARTicualtion, we are actively working towards engagement, access and encouraging emerging talent in the art of critiquing, public speaking and involvement with Contemporary Art.

For further information on this event and how to get involved with ARTiculation please contact

Just Add Spice Time Credits workshop

The Saatchi Gallery recetly worked in partnership with Just Add Spice to run an interactive tour and workshop for volunteers from Just Add Spice’s Westminster Borough group. The aim of the session was to invite individuals to come and spend their ‘time credits’ on engaging with the art work in the Saatchi Gallery. As part of the session, participants took part in Q&A and made their own pieces of art based on the work of Makiko Kudo, who is on display at the gallery as part of Iconoclats: Art Out of the Mainstream.

The focus of this outreach session was on promoting engagement and giving individuals the confidnece to get involved. The Education Department at the Saatchi Gallery look forward to working with Just Add Spice again in 2018, where we aim to continue in encouraging both individuals and communities to visit the space on a more regular basis.


“The tour was really enjoyable for the group, they got so much out of it. It was led in a manner that invited group discussion, which really helped them feel comfortable in the gallery. The group had an amazing time. All showed interest in attending to see the gallery in their own time and it has definitely helped them feel more like the gallery is 'for them'” Just Add Spice

“The Makiko Kudo art was interesting and it was fun to try and use that as inspiration for our very different collages” participant

“Thank you for this wonderful opportunity” participant

Just Add Spice:

Why we exist: we develop Time Credit systems that value everyone’s time, no matter who they are. Time Credits open up new opportunities to try new things, meet new people, be healthier and have fun. We work with communities of all kinds, across many sectors. We’re passionate about the power within communities and individuals, and think that we’re better at solving problems when we work together. Our programmes embody exciting partnerships between individuals and the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Where we started: Spice was founded in the Rhondda Valley over six years ago and grew out of the University of Wales hosted Welsh Institute for Community Currencies. In this time we’ve been busy growing and from our first programmes in the valleys we now work across South Wales and several regions in England. We have also branched out from our core community development work adding new specialist programmes in schools, housing, health and care.

For further information on Just Add Spice and Time Credits visit:


During their visit to the Saatchi Gallery, pupils from Ashburnham Primary and King Fahad Academy entered the colourful world of Calder. As part of their visit, pupils were invited into Salon 003 to see the works of Calder on Paper. Here they participated in a range of in-gallery activities, taking inspiration from the work, before heading back to the education room for a mobile making workshop. Pupils were asked to think about what shapes and colours they had seen and use these as a starting point. Outcomes included boats, people and birds.

Feedback from students at Ashburnham Primary:
“I loved all the shapes and bright colours in Calder’s work. I used them to make my mobile”
“I love what I made. I am going to give it to my friend, who would have loved being here”

Feedback from staff at Ashburnham Primary:
“The pupils made a really interesting range of work and really enjoyed it. We will definitely be coming back”

Feedback from students at King Fahad Academy:
“Before I didn’t like making art but now I do, because I learnt to express myself”

Feedback from staff at King Fahad Academy:
“The gallery is so child friendly. We visited other locations on visits but this has been the best for facilitating pupils”
“The workshop was excellent!! They accommodated the children really well. We had non English speaking children and the environment which was created was safe and helpful. This helped the pupils to greatly express their joy. Can we come every week!!!”

Calder workshop

Ashburnham Primary

King Fahad Academy


Support Session for Key Stage 5 Students

In the run up to ARTiculation 2018, the Saatchi Gallery in partnership with The Roche Court Educational Trust, hosted a support session for Key Stage 5 students. Based on the concept of a 'crit', students were invited to take part in group activities aimed at preparing them for the ARTiculation Regional Heats and beyond.

The session included a range of warm-up activities in the gallery's education room, followed by a tour of Iconoclasts: Art Out of the Mainstream and student-led presentations of the work on display in the gallery itself.

Students were asked to work in groups in order to develop their team working and participatory skills. All members of each group had to work together to prepare the presentations and each member had to verbally contribute. Students were then prompted to give each other feedback on content and delivery.

During this session, students learnt about the 6 P's of verbal presentation and how to use these during ARTiculation, as well as for university interviews, discussing work and analysing the work of others.

By looking, thinking and speaking about art, the session also developed the students' confidence and skills, fulfilling the core aim of ARTiculation.

The Saatchi Gallery looks forward to hosting the London Regional Heat on January 17th 2018, 2-5pm. For further information on this event please contact

Introduction and warm-ups in the Saatchi Gallery education room

In-gallery group work for student presentations

In-gallery student presentations on work from Iconoclasts


As part of Frieze Art Fair 2017, Gazelli Art House presented the work of Philip Colbert at the Saatchi Gallery. Previously described by American Vogue's Andre Leon Tally as "the godson of Andy Warhol", Colbert2s solo exhibition explored concepts of the traditional vs contemporary and the often overwhelming impact of digital media on everyday life.

As part of the exhibition students were invited to attend an artist talk. Colbert also opened up the floor for a Q&A session and discussed the central themes within his work and what has inspired him. Following the Q&A students took part in a hands-on workshop, where they were asked to create a piece of 2D mixed media art work, based on the imagery and themes they had seen within Colbert's work.
Feedback from students: "it was interesting hearing what he had to say about his work and great being able to ask him questions"

Feedback from staff: "The students left buzzing with ideas and inspiration for their own work".

Colbert workshop

Jack Petchey Start Programme
Year 3

Start Programme Aims:
  . Introducing young people to the arts
  . Inspiring them to learn more
  . Enhancing their experience through critical analysis and participation
  . Encouraging them to create their own art.

"At the heart of Start is the desire to make cultural venues accessible for a new generation."

The Jack Petchey Start Programme and the Saatchi Gallery

The broad aim of the project is to introduce high quality contemporary art to students in a way that is inspiring, engaging and challenging.

We aim to equip students with the tools they need to explore art exhibitions, so that they may feel confident in visiting galleries.

We aim to expose the workings and processes of practicing artists to the students through direct contact with professional artists.

We aim to give teachers a gratifying experience where new ideas can be tested and, if appropriate, be influential on their teaching.

Aylward Academy students performing their final art project in year 2 of the programme

Year 3: Inclusion

For year 3 of the project we have increased the number of students and are now working with 13 schools and 450 students. The schools involved this year are: Edmonton County School, Heartlands School, Brittons Academy, Aylands School, Riverside School, Parkview School, Southgate School, Aylward Academy, St Ignatius College, St Anne's High School, Broomfield School, Winchmore School and Greig City Academy.

The project artists are Sadie Edginton, Andrew Kerr, Amy Leung, Maru Rojas and Alice Wilson.

Students will take part in artist-led in-gallery workshops, artist-led school workshops and a large-scale exhibition. Teachers are offered support in the form of artist-led Continued Professional Development (CPD) workshops. Students will be working towards a large collaborative artwork, centred on the theme of Inclusion. This will be displayed at the Saatchi Gallery in April.

Units of Power Project

Units of Power was a collaboration between Haringey Council, Children & the Arts and the Saatchi Gallery. The project involved three Haringey schools: Northumberland Park Community School, St Paul's & All Hallows' Primary School and Risley Avenue Primary School.

The title of the project 'Units of Power' alluded to the collective power of a community or group of people. During the project pupils were reminded of their own individual importance and their intrinsic value as young citizens. Individually we can make a difference to the world around us but united we can affect change on a much larger scale. These ideas were communicated and consolidated through sculpture.

Students visited the Saatchi Gallery for a workshop with Project Leader & Artist Jack Brown. Jack then went into the schools to continue working with students, to deliver teacher workshops and to install the final sculptures within the school grounds. Throughout the project pupils were in a position of power- in charge of making choices about the direction of their work. Each set of pupils worked together to make decisions about how they would work together, what they would make and how they might make it.

Each individual pupil can trace their influence through the project, from the first meeting at the Saatchi Gallery, through to the collaborative sculpture that now stands in their school grounds.

During the final weeks of the project pupils visited the other schools involved in the project and heard presentations about the artwork, delivered by the pupils who created it. The finale of the project was a walking tour of all three artworks, with each school opening its doors to the local community.

"We have, in a small way, changed Haringey and we have, I hope, shown pupils the power of collective collaboration" Jack Brown, Lead Artist.

"Imagine one battery making a little bit of power and 150 batteries making lots of power. We are all units of power together. When you put us together we are more powerful." Year 3 Pupil, St. Paul's & All Hallows' Primary School, Tottenham.

"Building their own sculpture and sharing it with a wider audience will be something which they will always remember." Sam Gould, Teacher, St. Paul's & All Hallows Primary School

Photographs by John Fulton

Jack Petchey Start Programme
Year 2: Transformation

For year 2 of the project we have increased the number of students and are now working with 9 schools and over 400 students. The schools involved this year are: Edmonton County School, Heartlands School, Brittons Academy, Aylands SEN School, Southgate School, Aylward Academy, St Ignatius College, St Anne's High School and Broomfield School.

The project artists are: Jack Brown (lead artist), Ella McCartney, Ella Medley-Whitfield, Maru Rojas and Charlotte Young.

The brief for this year is Public/Installation Art. Students will be working towards a large-scale, collaborative artwork, centred on the theme of Transformation. All of our project artists work within this artistic discipline. Students saw artwork related to this theme during their first visit to the Gallery for the exhibition UK/raine in November and took part in an exhibition tour and practical workshop with their artist.

In January, all students were invited to take part in Artist Talks, led by Champagne Life exhibiting artists Alice Anderson, Virgile Ittah and Stephanie Quayle. Students listened to the artists talk about their practice, inspiration, process and concept, which was then followed by a Q&A session and cross-school learning activities.

"I was able to hear first-hand an explanation for her artwork and what had inspired her"- student from Edmonton County School.

"The Artist Talk made me realise how interested I am in sculpting and that there can be an environmental transformation"- student from Heartlands School.

The artists are currently working with the students in school, preparing for the final exhibition which will involve an art 'take-over' of Gillet Square in Dalston from Monday 27th June- Friday 1st July 2016. For regular updates on the project follow our blog:

Jack Petchey Start Programme
Year 1

300 secondary school students from seven Enfield schools have spent the past academic year participating in the exciting Jack Petchey Start programme for schools, created by Children & the Arts with support from The Jack Petchey Foundation and the Saatchi Gallery.

The project culminated in the creation of a series of films inspired by the current exhibition Pangaea II, which were screened at the finale event on Friday 10th July here at the Gallery. The students' work was exhibited alongside international artists. Students also gave tours to members of the public, giving them a chance to discuss the pieces they have worked hard to create.

The Jack Petchey Start programme aims to introduce contemporary art to students in a way that is inspiring, engaging and challenging. The students have been equipped with the tools they need to explore and interpret the art at the Saatchi Gallery. Through expert guidance they have gained the confidence to create artwork and have it displayed in a museum-scale environment. Students visited the Gallery several times over the academic year for an artist talk and artist-led workshops, as well as working with the artists in school.

Founder of the Foundation, Jack Petchey CBE, is delighted with how the programme has gone: "We are very proud to be investing in a programme that helps young people engage with the arts. We have been delighted to hear how the programme has inspired young interest and talent. At the Foundation, we want to inspire young people to achieve more. The opportunity to meet with professional artists, hear how they have created their pieces, and then have the space to create their own artwork for display on the same gallery walls must be truly inspiring."

A huge thank you to the artists Jack Brown (lead artist), Charlotte Young, Maru Rojas, Ella Mary and Sara Byers, to all of the students and teachers that took part in the project and to the Jack Petchey Foundation and Children & the Arts for making it possible.

A public screening of work also took place at the Dugdale Theatre, London Road, Enfield on Saturday 11th.

The students' films were subsequently displayed in the Education Gallery from 20th-30th July.

Art Teacher CPD workshop

A group of 12 Art Teachers from Haberdashers' Aske's Federation of three schools came to the Saatchi Gallery in April for a workshop with Artist and Educator Ella Medley-Whitfield.

The workshop was aimed at encouraging new ways of working with a contemporary collection, focusing on KS3-5.

The teachers became the students and were introduced to different ways of exploring and interpreting art in the gallery space, inciting interesting dialogues and debates between themselves, Ella and the Saatchi Education team.

The session also included a tour of the exhibition, followed by the creation of a large-scale collaborative artwork inspired by artists Alejandro Ospina and Federico Herrero, both of whom feature in the current exhibition Pangaea II. The main inspiration was the internet and the contemporary interests of the focus age group- and how we can use these in art-making.

It was a very successful day which left everyone with plenty of food for thought! If you are interested in organising a similar workshop for Art Teachers please email Workshops can be tailored to curriculum and school needs.

The Saatchi Gallery is delighted to announce a new partnership with Jack Petchey Foundation and The Prince's Foundation for Children and the Arts to work on the Start Programme. This exciting project gives students between the ages of 11 and 18 the opportunity to explore the Saatchi Gallery's cutting edge contemporary art, hear exhibiting artists talk about their work and life, and partner up with professional artists to create their own video art inspired by what they have seen at the Gallery. The project culminates in a student exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in July 2015.

You can find out more and keep up to date on our project blog

The Prince's Foundation for Children and the Arts once again supported the Saatchi Gallery and artist Jack Brown in creating a project called 'Putting Things Together' with a group of students form Northumberland Park Community School in Tottenham. The project culminated in an exhibition in the Education Gallery. You can find out more on the project blog here

Olga Primary School worked on football and the world cup at school and they created their own flags in our Education Room.

During Half Term the Education Room at the Saatchi Gallery was filled with families and young people taking part in our workshops. They all had a great time making their very own Messy African Masks.

In preparation for the Chelsea Festival in October, groups of Year 4 and 5 pupils from Marlborough Primary School and Christchurch have been gaining inspiraton for their exhibtion to be displayed in the Education Gallery.

During the Summer Holidays the Saatchi Gallery welcomed St Vincent's Family Project Summer Art Group. An exhibition of their work is on display in the Education Room.

In April the Saatchi Gallery held a free painting course for young people aged 14 -16

During Half Term the Education Room at the Saatchi Gallery was filled with families and young people taking part in our workshops, interactive tours and activities. A highlight was our Big Draw event 'Faces into Focus', some photos of the fun we had are below.

Last summer, the Saatchi Gallery held 'Pieces For Peace' workshops on Wednesday afternoons. Participants were given the chance to create their own image of peace that then formed part of a running peace wall in London. It was a global project, created by CITYarts, which engaged over 5,500 young people from over 62 countries worldwide.

As part of this project a Peace Wall mural was created in Hackney between July and September. For more information visit

Below you can see images of the travelling exhibition that was displayed in the Education Gallery on Level 2 and in the Education Room on the Ground Floor Level at the Saatchi Gallery.


Gesamkunstwerk: New Art From Germany was the inspiration for an innovative musical collaboration between The Purcell School and Queenswood school. The project was called Musikkunstwerk, both schools selected talented young composers to compose music inspired by the art in Gesamkunstwerk. The students produced music that reflected, commented on and even reacted against the art that they selected as inspiration.

British conductor James Ross directed the young composers and comments: 'The composers have succeeded in taking radically different approaches to their chosen art works. The Saatchi Gallery's Gesamkunstwerk Exhibition shows the rich and diverse range of contemporary German art; the composers' responses are an equally fascinating tribute to the creativity of today's leading young musicians.'

On the 22nd February the students performed their compositions in front of a live audience at the Saatchi Gallery.

Photographs by Martin Weiss


Becoming Oscar Murillo

Inspired by the work of Oscar Murillo, the students made their own work of art using dirt and packaging while reflecting on how food defines who we are.


Boxed In

Everyone was excited about the Royal dress...well I have made a Royal mess

Artists and Photographer Valeria Amadei led a workshop with Sixth Form pupils from Bishop Ramsey. The pupils made collages inspired by the work of Kirstine Roepstorff and were challenged to come up with a humorous title for their works.

Monika Waraxa and Kuba Budzynski from Pulp Studio: interactive sculpture workshops, came to give a free workshop to the students of Hall School, Wimbledon. The pupils worked with the sculptures of David Batchelor and Bjorn Dahlem to create their own imaginative variations.


The artist Tom de Freston and the poet Kiran Millwood Hargrave ran a series of workshops with the exhibition' The Shape of Things to Come' at the Saatchi gallery. School children were given a unique opportunity to explore Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer's Night Dream' within the context of the exhibition. Working throughout the gallery and the education centre children made paintings and collages as well as engaging with the exhibition and text through physical theatre, group discussion and creative writing.

Tom de Freston has been awarded the Leverhulme Artist in Residence position at Cambridge University, a position previously held by Ruth Padel. De Freston is also the current Artist in Resident at the Leys School, and lectures and supervises in the History of Art faculty, Cambridge University. In January 2011 his two year project with Christ's College Chapel culminated in the unveiling of two large scale site specific paintings situated in the gold frames behind the altar. The publication which accompanies this show sees contributions on de Freston's work by Sir Nicholas Serota and Rowan Williams, amongst others. This is the latest in a series of monographs on his work over the past two years. His work and these publications can be seen at

Kiran Millwood-Hargrave is a Cambridge graduate and a poet and writer. She is currently working on a body of poems for the British Shakespeare Association (BSA) with Tom de Freston. These will be shown at the BSA annual conference in September 2011. She has also edited a collection of poems, 'Ekphrasis', which John Mole called 'a fascinating anthology'. Millwood-Hargrave has recently completed a research project on the use of visual art in the teaching of Shakespeare.


Students from Bewdley School visited the Saatchi Gallery and participated in a workshop in the Education Room, after seeing the exhibition Newspeak. Led by artist Julie Beech, they created salt dough sculptures inspired by the artist Jonathan Baldock.

by Jonathan Baldock


Year 7 pupils from Barrow Hills School visited the Saatchi Gallery in February. After seeing the exhibition Abstract America they created collaborative art works inspired by the artists Ryan Johnson and Guerra de la Paz from recycled materials

Works in the exhibition Abstract America
Works by pupils from Barrow Hills School


Students from Prospect House, aged 8-9 years old, visited the Saatchi Gallery in March 2010 and participated in a workshop in the Education Room, after seeing the exhibition The Empire Strikes Back. Led by artist Julie Beech, they created a collaborative piece inspired by the artist Huma Bhabha.


Students from Ravensbourne School , aged 15-16 years old, visited the Saatchi Gallery in March 2010 and participated in a workshop in the Education Room, after seeing the exhibition The Empire Strikes Back. Led by artist Julie Beech, they created collaborative pieces inspired by the artist Subodh Gupta.



Highgate Wood School had an open day at school for prospective new parents and students. During the open evening, students created tyre tracks in paint across paper as a response to the work Greeting Card 10a by artist Aaron Young. Greeting Card 10a is currently being exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery as part of Abstract America: New Painting and Sculpture.


Channing School visited the gallery and participated in a workshop in the Saatchi Gallery Education Room, using Chinese ink, drawings and thick card


The Holy Trinity Art Club at the Saatchi Gallery was formed in October 2009 to provide pupils at Holy Trinity with an opportunity to visit the Saatchi Gallery, learn about works being exhibited and create their own art. It takes place once a week and is organized by Deborah Lloyd from Holy Trinity School


Upton House School visited the Saatchi Gallery and students created sculptures inspired by Agathe Snow's works in Gallery 1, made from recycled everyday items.


Brynmawr School students in the Saatchi Gallery Education Room creating works using acrylic paint, palette knives and masking tape. These works were inspired by the artist Kristin Baker and her work 'Raft of Perseus' currently showing in Abstract America: New Painting and Sculpture.


An educational workshop was held at the Saatchi Gallery on Friday, July 17th to coincide with our current exhibit Abstract America: New Painting and Sculpture. Students from Seven Kings High School visited the gallery and created their own works of abstract art, inspired by sculptures by Agathe Snow, from recycled products.


Garden House School students created a series of individual panels, composed of drawings, paintings and prints, depicting many aspects of life at the Royal Hospital including the buildings, the grounds and the Chelsea pensioners. Themed on the new Infirmary building, these individual 'bricks' were produced by children from ages 3 to 10 yrs old. Two of the works were donated to the Royal Hospital after showing in the Education Room of the Saatchi Gallery. The rest were sold in a silent auction to raise funds for the Royal Hospital.

Saatchi Gallery Kids Day

The Revolution  Continues: New Chinese Art
The Saatchi Gallery Kids Day was held on Saturday 22nd November. All young visitors received a free picture by picture guide and a postcard to help them enjoy their gallery visit. The guide introduced the themes of the The Revolution Continues: New Art From China exhibition.

When they came to the gallery, visitors had the chance to view the newest Chinese art including an entire city constructed out of dog chews, a 3-headed monster constructed out of cow bones and a gigantic head made of ashes.

Debut Workshop for Young Artists

The Revolution  Continues: New Chinese Art
The gallery organized an interactive workshop and talk featuring the artist Wu Shanzhuan's graffiti inspired paintings on Saturday November 22nd. Visitors learnt how his work was inspired by political pop and expressivism in Contemporary Chinese art and what the parallels are to street and graffiti art in the West.

After the talk they had the chance to create their own graffiti inspired mural at the studio in the gallery's education room.




Iconoclasts: Art Out of the Mainstream

Teacher Resource



For 6th Formers


THE PRINCE'S DRAWING SCHOOL Drawing Workshops For Ages 10-16



The Great Art Quest