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Monday 15th February

Paperchain Theatre presents...

Join Paperchain Theatre for an immersive and interactive workshop exploring the current Saatchi Gallery exhibition Champagne Life.

When: Monday 15th February
Age: 6-11
Price: £12 p/child (all materials provided)
Time: 10am-12pm / 1pm-3pm
Where: Saatchi Gallery Education Room
To book a place please visit

For any further questions please contact Emily:

Wednesday 17th February


Join us for a FREE half-term workshop run by the Saatchi Gallery Education team

Using a mixture of media, participants will look at the work of Champagne Life Artists Suzanne McClelland and Julia Wachtel and construct images that borrow from popular culture and current issues. Using printing, photography and collage, participants will work on an individual panel that will construct a bigger collaborative group piece and narrative.

Wednesday 17th February
Age: 11+

To book a place, please email


The After School Art Club is for 6-12 year olds. It’s a space for children to have fun and develop confidence in their own creativity and ideas.

We meet up on Wednesday afternoons from 4:00pm-5:00pm. Price for a 6 week term is £60, concessions are available on request.

When: Wednesdays 4:00pm-5:00pm
Starts: Wednesday 13th January
Where: Saatchi Gallery Education Room
Price: £60 for a 6 week term

For more information and to book a place please contact Alex Myers on 07905 780308 or

Saturday 5th March


Following her hugely successful workshop in August, Artist Maya Mitten is bringing her inspiring collage workshop back to the Saatchi Gallery on Saturday 5th March.

Maya Mitten is a freestyle collage artist who uses her medium to create surrealist landscapes and snapshots of stories yet to be told - always with warmth and humour. Her work has somewhat of a cult following and her unique style is recognised internationally with much of her work displaying her trademark love for sound system culture. In this workshop session you will be guided through the process Maya Mitten uses to create her pieces, and be provided with tips on techniques and ideas on how to develop your own collage piece. All materials and equipment are provided and Maya provides handouts and further links she may think of interest to you as an individual. You'll leave this session inspired and never able to look at a magazine in the same way again!

Date: Saturday 5th March
Time: 10:30am-5:00pm
Price: £30 / Book Now
Age group: 16+

Saturday 13th February

Sculpture/Assemblage with Artist Teresa Paiva

Join artist Teresa Paiva in creating relief sculptures inspired by Champagne Life Artist Maha Malluh. Using detritus of food and drink packaging collected from around London and at the gallery, participants will create their own work by assembling these found 'artefacts' in multiple compositions. On the threshold between fossils and artefacts, these hint to aspects of consumerism in contemporary living and the re-valuation of such materials.

Age: 12 to 16
Price: £15 p/person (all materials provided) / Book Now
Time: 1pm-4pm
Where: Saatchi Gallery Education Room


#LowTechLabLondon2016 is a project developed by Raúl Marroquín and coordinated by Daniela Medina Poch for the Educational Program of the Saatchi Gallery that will take place on January 15th, 16th and 17th of 2016.

“‘LowTech means technology that is cheap or free.” James Wallback, LowTech Manifest for The Next 5 Minutes conference in Amsterdam, March 1999.

This experiment is inspired in the role artists have had in the development of technologies and innovation from very early stages. To mention a few, alchemy in the Middle Ages, multidisciplinary advancements throughout the Renaissance and more recently during the second half of the XXth Century and the first decade of this millennium: Video of the 1960’s and 1970’s, cable television of the 1980’s and 1990’s (USA & Canada and later in the Netherlands and Continental Europe) digital communications of the first decade of the 2000’s up to the present with user information and communication platforms, internet, streaming mobile, social media, augmented reality, etc.

As Klaus Fruchtnis mentions: “LowTech applied to communications has given the possibility of having a more exhaustive control in the management of information.”

Today artists continue to play a crucial role in the development of hardware, software and applications. The last four decades are full of examples; to mention a few: "Music Video" is based in the progress and achievements of video artists in the 1960 - 1980’s, video and media art have also influenced audio visuals in education, news gathering and journalism, activism and, last but not least, the advertisement industry.

#LowTechLabLondon2016 is a three day lab that makes use of LowTech, user and discarded technologies coupled with the repurposing of existing hardware and other facilities. It involves those present at the Educational Space of the Saatchi Gallery taking part from tabletop stations devised to interact in one-to-one and one-to-few engagements, as well as remote contributors from abroad, via social media: WhatsApp, Illustrated Twitter, SnapChat, video conferencing and live streams.

The aim of #LowTechLabLondon2016 is to generate a brief, concise and powerful event, that will include artists, students (PCA, Paris and Universidad Nacional, Bogotá, and others) musicians, writers, stage actors and directors, academics, researchers, journalists, politicians and designers realising artworks, workshops, tutorials, experiments: successes and failures, processes, interviews and discussions, presentations, discussions, performances and recitals, as well as urban bootcamps, klutges, scale models and prototypes either live or transmitted from other locations in London, the continent and the Americas.

One of the goals of the lab is to monitor the developments of LowTech throughout the last 50 years and how it has been redefined through the beginning of the second half of the XXth century. From low quality and low resolution, evolving into current user technologies were, for instance, average phone cameras are better than a betacam of 30 years ago, the LowTech have expanded and transformed into user technology.

Additional to the activities taking place at the Educational Space and taking into account the historical past of the area: Kings Road, the Punk Movement, etc, the lab includes works realised outdoors on locations such as streets, parks, shops, bars and terraces near the location of the gallery.

Social Media plays an important role in the daily coverage of the experiment: Everything will be streamed via Periscope, LiveStream, YouTube Live and ephemeral platforms like SnapChat.

The #LowTech Blog:
Facebook: DeHoeksteenLiveCornetStone
LinkedIn: hoeksteencornerstone
Twitter: LowTechLabLondon2016
Recordings in YouTube: StudioMarroquin
Instagram: StudioRaulMarroquin
Google+: StudioMarroquin.
A final publication will round up the event.

This event is produced in collaboration with PCA Master's students in Transdisicplinary New Media.


Participants LowTech Lab London2016 Saatchi

Muu Blanco
Operating in Miami

C C Brown
Operating in New York

Nicolás Canal
Operating in Ubaté, Colombia

Elena Corchero
Operating in London

Catalina Correa
Operating in Chile

Melissa Cruz
Operating in The Hague

Yolanda Duarte
Operating in Bogotá

Alejo Duque
Operating in London

Jackie Fei Yongqing
Operating in London

Max Franklin
Operating in London

Klaus Fruchtnis
Operating in London

Cheryl Gallaway

David García
Operating in London

Jakobson Helga
Operating in London

Johanna Ibañéz y David Motos
Operating in Bogotá

Claire Leggett
Operating in London

Carlos Llávata
Operating in Valencia

Filippo Lorenzin
Operating in Düsseldorf

Raúl Marroquín
Operating in London

MauzZ Operating in Amsterdam

Svetlana Mircheva
Operating in Sophia

Michael O’Connell
Operating in London

Catalina Rodriguez
Operating in Bogotá

Basma Seif
Operating in London

Sanet Stegmann
Operating in London

Iván Tovar Operating in London

Alberto Vejarano
Operating in Paris

Andrew Voxakis
Operating in London

Carlos Zatizabal
Operating in Bogotá


Thursday 13th August
Age group: 10-15 years

A painting workshop looking at the themes used in Darrell Hawkins' artwork- focusing on colour, rhythm and play. Darrell mixes both abstract and figurative imagery with pop culture references. This free workshop coincides with a solo exhibition of his work in the Artist Editions and Print Gallery which is open from Tuesday 28th July 2015 to Monday 24th August 2015.

Please email to book a place.



Monday 10th/Tuesday 11th/Wednesday 12th August 2015

Free workshop in devising theatre: 2-4pm

Performance: 4pm. Running time 65 minutes
Age group: 8+

£6 per ticket for the performance, please buy tickets here:

East meets West across the education divide when four London teenagers compete for a prestigious scholarship. As they venture across the capital into unfamiliar territories, friendships are tested, aspirations are challenged and each is forced to decide what matters most. Will the best candidate win or will their postcodes keep them in their place?

This vibrant, timely and touching new work, by award-winning playwright Ade Solanke, takes the pulse on coming-of-age in an increasingly divided city.

Ade Solanke's previous play, Pandora's Box, premiered at Arcola in 2012 and returned as part of a national tour in 2014. It was nominated for Best New Play in the OffWestEnd Theatre Awards and for the 2014 Nigeria Prize for Literature.

Written and directed by: Ade Solanke
Producer: Hannah Tookey
Casting Director: Caley Powell
Assistant Director: Maa Yarkor-Addo
Set and Costume Designer: Anna Lewis
Lighting Designer: Peter Small
Sound Designer: Tim Shaw
Stage Manager: Drew MacNeil
Jennie Eggleton
Alhaji Fofana
Ismail Kamara
Montana Mascoll

Join our exciting, FREE and inclusive workshops, offered with our new play, East End Boys, West End Girls.

You'll create your own work and learn new games and techniques, exploring the themes of the play using drama, writing, music and movement.

We'll look at topics such as:

Friendship/Loneliness when at school
Societal pressures / personal ambitions
Similarities / differences within class, race, postcodes.

We'll devise short performances to be shared with an audience of family and friends in the theatre space on the last day.

Facilitator: Maa Yarkor-Addo


10am-6pm, 7 days a week,
last entry 4:30pm

From 5th April to 4th September, entry to the Saatchi Gallery will only be possible by buying a ticket for Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones.

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