31 July - 1 September

RED NEVER FOLLOWS is a unique exhibition celebrating twenty years of the HUGO brand which will debut this summer. 20 years of HUGO also means 20 years of creativity, 20 years of innovation and 20 years of not following convention and mainstream opinion. To mark the occasion, HUGO has created its RED NEVER FOLLOWS project, during which it will be collaborating with 20 urban creatives from around the world, all of whom share the independent HUGO mindset. HUGO is giving a stage to true innovators and their adventurous and often unpredictable paths to creativity.

Selected contributors from around the globe will be represented in a one-off show that crystallizes the essence of HUGO and includes works from Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States, to name but a few. A digital campaign presenting the creatives part of the Gallery's pop-up exhibition and 20 iconic HUGO pieces can be found at

The Saatchi Gallery exhibition will feature some works created exclusively for RED NEVER FOLLOWS plus existing artworks that are nevertheless representative of the HUGO mindset. The pieces will vary greatly in their composition, ranging from video installations and pneumatic environments through to interactive light projections, sound design and ornate murals.



Please click here to select your date and view the opening hours of TUTANKHAMUN: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery.

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Confluence No.2 by MILDRED PALMER
Confluence No.2 by MILDRED PALMER

Confluence No.2 by MILDRED PALMERInvocation Of Z Equation Print by The Cult Of RAMM:ő£LL:Ző£ő£I Love London XL Tin Plate Edition by PETER BLAKEQueer as Fuck by Carrie ReichardtDaily Paint (No. 33) by Helen Bur