5-23 September 2018

Bratby, James, Rego, Sweet, Willing

This group of works has been curated by the Saatchi Gallery to highlight some of the inspiring British artists working in recent decades.

John Bratby 1928-1992
Bratby was somewhat an enfant terrible on the British art scene but a key founder of the Kitchen Sink style of realism that was so influential in the 1950s. The work was notable for its celebration of everyday life and subjects which takes viewers from the studio to the kitchen, carrying social and not political comment.

Merlin James b.1960
James is the youngest of the group, yet his small-scale canvases refine and renew many of painting’s most time-honoured concerns, such as genre and narrative, pictorial space and expressive gesture.

Paula Rego b. 1935
Rego's work is the piece of the puzzle that shows how diverse Modern British art was becoming. Juxtaposing elements of comedy and horror, she created sinister, humorous worlds that take familiar nursery rhymes as the subject, drawn from her childhood memories.

George Sweet 1909 - 1997
Sweet grew ever more ambitious in his later years. His works became larger and the nude on display here shows his wife captured simultaneously on the canvas in four different poses. As he aged, Sweet found he was able to capture his subjects with revelatory use of form, light and realism.

Victor Willing b.1928 -1988
Willing’s body of work is small, but his later paintings, seen here, are bold and revelatory. They explore dream imagery and creates a new, sophisticated language of figuration which refocused attention on contemporary painting. He was also the husband of Paula Rego.

Victor Willing, Liberating Visions, 1991
Oil on canvas, 84x84 in. (213.4 x 213.4 cm)
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