Accademia Belle Arti Bologna

The Fine Arts Academy of Bologna is one of the
twenty State-run Fine Arts Academies in Italy
belonging to post-secondary artistic education,
distinct from the university system, whose
specificity consists in combining art theory and
practice within a single operative moment that
envisages, during the various training paths,
both workshops and theory courses.
The institution originates from the Clementine
Academy, founded in Bologna in 1710 by Luigi
Ferdinando Marsili and Giampietro Zanotti in
continuity with the cultural legacy of the
Carraccesque Accademia degli Incamminati.
For nearly a century its most eminent
members successively taught Figure and
Architecture: from Cignani, Franceschini,
Creti, Crespi, the Bibiena family, up to Angelo
G. Piò, Vittorio M. Bigari, Vincenzo Martinelli,
Ubaldo and Gaetano Gandolfi. Its insertion into
a national education system came about with
the Napoleonic foundation (1802) of the
Academies of Milan and Bologna, providing
with courses in common... [ Read All ]



via belle arti 54
Phone: +39.051.4226411
Fax: +39.051.253032
Website: http://www.accademiabelle

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Location and Getting there

Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna
via Belle Arti 54, Bologna

Department and information about the department

The Fine Arts Academy of Bologna is an
institution independent of the University of
Bologna, and belongs to the Italian national
system of Higher Artistic and Musical
Studying at the Fine Arts Academy of
Bologna, as in the other Italian Fine Arts
Academies, has its own specificity as
compared with University studies: making
art theory and practice coincide in a single
operative moment, providing workshops
alongside theoretical courses within the
training pathways.
At present the organisation of the courses is
based on the new structure envisaged by
the reform law n° 508 passed on 21st
December 1999, according to which the
studies are articulated into 3 years (socalled
‘first level’ academic diploma) + 2
(‘second level’ academic diploma).
The diploma consequent to the first three
years of study is legally certified to be
equivalent to the first level degree, with the
entitlement to access the second level
degrees at Universities or Academies that
provide them. The subsequent two years of
specialist study can be accessed by means
of the diploma obtained with the old diploma
system, and w...  [ Read All ]

Academic Staff and Description

prof. Fabio Roversi Monaco

prof. Mauro Mazzali

dott. Stefano Zamboni

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