Ataturk University Faculty Of Fine Arts

Fine Arts was founded in 1992. The programmes in the Faculty provide students with a stimulating, creative and thought-provoking environment to develop their individual skills and artistic talents in the fields of graphics, sculpture, painting and performing arts. As well as in basic education, the Faculty students and teaching staff actively participate in the national cultural activities around the country. The duration of the courses offered in the Faculty is four years. The programmes offered in the faculty are organized in such a way as to provide the students with basic technical skills in their first year. The second year and third year are dedicated to preparing the students for the special disciplines of fine arts, and the final years of the education emphasize both theory and skills work concerning their area of interest. Admission to BA programmes is by competitive examination. At the moment, graduate and post-graduate programs are not available. The graduates of the Faculty of Fine Arts can work as independent artists, performers, designers, choreographers, or may be employed in various units of private and public instit... [ Read All ]



Atatürk University 25240 Erzurum / TURKEY
Phone: +90 442 231 50 01
Fax: +90 442 236 09 66
Website: http://fakulteler.atauni.

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