Beijing Film Academy

Beijing Film Academy is the cradle of China film talent and currently the only institution specialized in film in China higher education. It has high reputation in the field of film and cultural art both in China and worldwide. Through 56 years’ development, it has build up a scientific cinematic specialties system and advanced film professional fostering system which can offer diploma, bachelor, master, and PhD degrees. Today BFA is a worldwide well known cinematic higher education institute with advanced cinematic teaching facilities, comprehensive specialties, experienced faculty, and leading innovation and academic research results.
BFA has 91293 square meters campus. The building area for teaching and administration is 52803 square meters. The accommodation area per student is 8.4 square meters. Every 100 students have 44 computers, and multimedia rooms and linguistic classrooms(69 seats) are available. It also has flash art lab, record techniques lab, special visual effect lab and digital movies lab which are all important influential cinematic special labs with the most leading technique worldwide. The record techniq... [ Read All ]



4 Xitucheng Road, Haidian District,
Phone: 0086-10-82045656

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Our Aims

Our aim is to work hard for building our university into advanced professionals fostering center, academic research center and art innovation center in the cinematic field of China.  

Location and Getting there

We are located in 4 Xitucheng Road, Haidian district of Beijing.
By air, Brijing Capital Airport then take taxi to the school.
By train, to Beijing West station, then take bus 21 to Jimen Bridge.
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Department and information about the department

BFA has 10 colleges which can offer bachelor’s degree in 9 specialties (drama and movie literature, director, performance, camera, fine art and design, advertisement study, record art, public affairs management, flash design etc). it can offer master’s degree in 53 specialties directions including art study, cinematic study, broadcast and television study, fine arts etc. it also offers PhD degree in 4 specialties. It has movie institution, movie techniques institution, movie performance art institution, movie digital art institution, movie industry study institution, China-Japan flash and cartoon study center and publishing houses.  

Academic Staff and Description

There are 543 academic and administrative staff , of whom 284 faculty, 136 professors. 156 of them have at least master’s degrees. There are 11 PhD tutors,108 tutors for masters degree.
Most of the faculty are artists, exporters, scholars and leading head of specialties with plenty of practice experience and academic results in cinematic techniques and artistic innovation. They have outstanding results in artistic innovation and academic research, and also have received well known awarding in both international and domestic events. Many of then have been invited to other famous universities as guest professors and PhD tutors.
We invited 38 international and domestic film artists, experts and scholars as guest and part time professors. We also annually invite international experts to come to school to exchange and give lectures.  

News and Events

BFA is actively improving and developing coordination with international film institutions and film aompanies. In 1984 BFA became a member of CILECT, in 1988 was elected to trustee school. In 2002 it was elected to Executive Chairman of international organization: Asia-Pacific Annual Conference We have set up relationship in film education, academic research and exchanging teachers with nearly 30 film academies from over 10 countries. We invited 38 international and domestic film artists, experts and scholars as guest and part time professors. We also annually invite international experts to come to school to exchange and give lectures.  

Information For  Undergraduates

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Information For  Postgraduates

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Information For  International Students

Wwe welcome international students. Now we have 56 overseas students. They reaaly enjoy their life here!
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Student Facilities

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Student Support

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Student Life  


We provied accommodation, the space per one student is 8.5 square meters.  

How To Apply

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