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In 1873, Bennett College had its beginning in the unplastered basement of the Warnersville Methodist Episcopal Church (now known as St. Matthew’s Methodist Church). Seventy young men and women started elementary and secondary level studies. In 1874 the Freedmen’s Aid Society took over the school which remained under its auspices for 50 years.

Within five years of 1873, a group of emancipated slaves purchased the present site for the school. College level courses and permanent facilities were added. In 1926, The Women’s Home Missionary Society joined with the Board of Education of the church to make Bennett College in Greensboro, N.C., formerly co-educational, a college for women. The challenges that were overcome to establish Bennett demand that today’s challenges be met and overcome to ensure her survival.

For more than 128 years women have found Bennett to be the ideal place to foster the constant rhythm of ideas. Each student’s individual need for self-expression and desire for achievement is constantly nurtured. The College fosters a strong respect for every student. Today, in the midst of... [ Read All ]


United States

900 E. Washington Street
NC 27401
Phone: (336) 370-8624

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Our Aims

Mission Statement

Bennett College is a small, private, historically Black liberal arts college for women. The College offers women an education conducive to excellence in scholarly pursuits; preparation for leadership roles in the workplace, society, and the world; and life-long learning in a technologically advanced, complex global society. As a United Methodist Church-related institution, Bennett College promotes morally grounded maturation, intellectual honesty, purposeful public service, and responsible civic action.

The College welcomes students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds, recognizing that the educational experience is enriched and strengthened when multiple voices are represented and heard. Operating in an interdisciplinary, learning-centered environment, students, working with faculty and staff, will learn to use sophisticated intellectual skills, think analytically, and solve problems in ways that respect a variety of viewpoints and deepen their understanding of different cultures.

At Bennett College, education takes place in an environment of open inquiry where teachers and students are immersed ...  [ Read All ]

Location and Getting there

Bennett’s fifty-five acre campus is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Greensboro boasts a number of cultural, social activities and venues just a short distance from the campus. Conveniently located near The Piedmont-Triad International Airport, the campus is easily accessible from Interstates 40 and 85.

Bennett College for Women

900 E. Washington Street
Greensboro, NC 27401  

Department and information about the department

Visual Arts Department:

Department Mission Statement:

To empower students as critical thinkers and participating citizens in pursuit of truth, beauty, spirituality, social justice, and global leadership. To prepare scholars who are competitive candidates in graduate and professional schools and their chosen careers, and who are leaders with skills based upon humanistic values.

Department Vision:

The Vision of the Department of Visual & Performing Arts is to foster global understanding and appreciation of diversity among all of the students the department serves, and especially among student majors within the department. We see the department as instrumental in encouraging arts-related study abroad experiences that will enable students to live effectively within the contexts they visit and that will enable them to understand and appreciate the artistic (including visual arts, dramatic arts, and music arts) of diverse cultures.  

News and Events

Faculty News:  

Information For  Undergraduates

Department Majors:

Major programs are offered in Theatre Performance, Music ( a teaching track and a performance track), and Arts Management (In visual arts or music). Minors are offered in Theatre Performance and Music Performance.  

Information For  International Students

Applicants must submit the following documents:
1. Completed Application Form
2. Thirty ($30) U.S. dollars for application fee (Money Order or Cashier's Check only)
3. Official transcript of all academic work
4. TOEFL or SAT scores (optional, but required for scholarship consideration)
5. Statement of Financial Readiness  


Student Facilities

Student Organizations:

Departmental Clubs:

Association for Women in Communications
Belles Business Club
Biology Club
Chemistry Club
Computer Science and Math Club
National Society of Black Engineers
Political Pacesetters
Psychology Club
SNCAE (Student North Carolina Association of Educators)
Sociology/Social Work Club
Students in Free Enterprise
WITS (Women in True Scholarship)

*Most academic departments have disciplined focused organizations. For more information, contact the department chair of each area.

Music Organizations:

Bennett College Instrumental Ensemble
Bennett College Choir
Handbell Choir
String Ensemble


The Bennett Banner

Religious Organizations:

Belles of Harmony Gospel Choir
Spirit of David
Student Christian Fellowship
The Millennium Mentors

Service Organizations:

Student Ambassadors
Student Union Advisory Board
Student Government Association
Queens Association

Honor Societies:

Alpha Kappa Mu
Alpha Lambda Delta
Beta Kappa Chi
Lambda Pi Eta
Psi Chi
Pi Gamma Mu
Sigma Tau Delta

Special Interests Groups:

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Student Support

The Division of Student Affairs supports the mission of Bennett College for Women and provides a co-curricular program of educational development for our students. The Division is committed to creating an environment that encourages the development of the whole student, intellectually, culturally, socially, and spiritually. As educators, we assist students in developing the life skills (integrity, responsibility, self-respect, trust, and accountability) necessary to make effective and informed choices, promoting their well being and preparing them for life beyond the college experience. The Division acknowledges the worth and value of all persons and strives to strengthen community through diversity.  

Student Life

Student Activities:

The Office of Student Activities offers a variety of recreational, social, cultural, educational, developmental and experiential activities for the entire Bennett College community. Students at Bennett College are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. Activities are essential to the growth of the whole person. Participation in athletic, religious, and social activities, as well as organizations, positively impacts a student’s overall personal and professional development.

The David Dallas Jones Student Union is open seven days a week. It is a multi-purpose center. Cultural, social, and recreational activities are held in the facility. Located on the lower level are the Mail Center, Bookstore, Game Room, Snack Shop, Coffee House and Student Lounge. The game room is equipped with a pool table, ping-pong table, air ice hockey game and television. The Offices of Residence Life and Financial Aid, along with the dining hall are on the first floor. The second floor houses the Offices of Career Services and Student Activities. The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs is ...  [ Read All ]


As a residential college, Bennett encourages its students to live on campus during their enrollment. The on-campus living experience offers a different social dynamic and will enhance the college experience. The variety of activities available through extra curricular and co-curricular offerings and leadership opportunities provide an added dimension to the student’s liberal arts education.

Students classified as freshwomen and sophomores who do not live within a fifty (50) mile radius of the campus with a parent or guardian, must reside on campus, regardless of the number of years enrolled. However, the College recognizes that certain circumstances may prevent on campus living. Such cases will be considered by the administration on an individual basis.

The residence halls are active learning centers where students join staff and administrators in assuming policy and program development responsibilities. Studying, discussions on pertinent topics, relaxing and building friendships occur as students plan educational, social and recreational activities, holiday events, special programs and other projects.

Each reside...  [ Read All ]

How To Apply

Apply Online:  

Visit us (open days)

We strongly encourage you to visit Bennett, to see and hear for yourself what makes Bennett College so special. We are convinced that once you visit, you will want to join the phenomenal women at Bennett-women in harmony.

To schedule your visit, or if you have questions, contact the:
Office of Admissions
(336) 370-8624
or 1-800-413-5323
or e-mail  

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Office of Admissions
(336) 370-8624
or 1-800-413-5323
or e-mail