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Established in 1927 by evangelist Bob Jones Sr., Bob Jones University is known as the citadel of biblical Christianity for its adherence to the Bible as mankind's only source of faith and Christian practice. Throughout his travels, Dr. Bob Jones Sr. saw students whose faith was shaken during college, and he recognized the need for a thoroughly Christian school to train America's youth. His vision was to establish a training center for Christians from around the world that would be distinguished by its academic excellence, refined standards of behavior, and opportunities to appreciate the performing and visual arts. At the same time, Dr. Jones's intent was to make a place where Christ would be the center of all thought and conduct.

Bob Jones University exists as a training center for Christians from around the world. The goal of the administration, faculty, and staff is to equip its students for a lifetime of service to Christ. While the majority of Bob Jones University students enter Christian ministries upon graduation, a large number also become professionals in such secular fields as higher education, medicine, law... [ Read All ]


United States

1700 Wade Hampton Blvd.
SC 29614
Phone: 864.242.5100 ext. 2701
Fax: 800.2.FAX.BJU

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Our Aims

Mission Statement
Within the cultural and academic soil of liberal arts education, Bob Jones University exists to grow Christlike character that is Scripturally disciplined; others-serving; God-loving; Christ-proclaiming; and focused Above.  

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Location and Getting there

Location in Greenville
1700 Wade Hampton Blvd., Greenville, SC 29614  

Department and information about the department

The School of Fine Arts has a twofold purpose: training students at a professional level for careers in the arts and in Christian ministries related to the arts and providing a broad range of cultural experiences for the University student body in general in line with the charter of the institution and the original intentions of the Founder.  

Information For  Undergraduates

The Division offers majors in Art with a three- or two-dimensional concentration and Graphic Design and a minor in Art. Courses are offered in this division to students who desire to improve their artistic skills in various areas. Courses are also available as general electives.

Internships are available to qualified majors at local advertising agencies and are assigned by the division chairman.

Information For  Postgraduates

Division of Art Newsletter:  

Information For  International Students

The student body of Bob Jones University represents almost every state within the United States and over 50 countries from around the world. The admission of an international student takes six months on average from the time of the first inquiry until the student secures an F-1 visa.  


Learn about the Alumni Association, including information about how to join as well as the benefits available to its members. You can contact the Association at 864.242.5100, Ext. 3152, or email You can also get Alumni Association News by calling 1.800.258.2334.  

Student Facilities  

Student Life  


Residence Halls
Features: 5 bunks, 1 sink, 2 desks and chairs, 1 phone, over-head and hanging closet space, built-in drawer space, fully carpeted floors, air conditioning/heating, and computer connections to the campus network. Each residence hall also provides a study lounge, and some residence halls are equipped with handicapped access. A resident supervisor and resident counselors staff each residence hall.

The residence halls for women are named for Nell Sunday, Margaret Mack, Georgia Creel, Estelle Siddons, and Mary Gaston. The men's residence halls are named for Bibb Graves, Ernest Reveal, Charles Brokenshire, J.Y. Smith, and R.K. Johnson.

In order to keep the facilities up-to-date, one residence hall each year is totally refitted, including plumbing, electrical, furniture, and other necessary upgrades. In addition to the major refurbishing, each residence hall is repainted and recarpeted as needed.

To aid campus security, certain residence hall doors are accessible only by student ID card, and all outside entrances to the women's residence halls are monitored by video surveillance equipment.  [ Read All ]

How To Apply  

Visit us (open days)

Opportunity Days
March 15-16, 2007
Career preparation, relationship building, spiritual formation: your college experience will set the course for the rest of your life. Websites and brochures can help you make the crucial decision of which college to attend, but there's nothing like seeing a place with your own eyes!

So come be our guest at BJU for a few days. We'll put you up in the residence halls, provide your meals, let you visit some classes, and arrange for you to meet faculty members. You can talk to current students and check out BJU's campus. We'll even mix in some fun times with the other high schoolers here for Opportunity Days.  

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