With 1700 full-time undergraduate students, Castleton is small enough to be a community where individuals matter, yet large enough to offer a diverse and challenging curriculum with more than 30 academic programs. At Castleton there is an understanding of the need for both career preparation and a liberal arts education.

Castleton State College's roots go back to October 15, 1787, when the General Assembly of the State of Vermont chartered the Rutland County Grammar School in the village of Castleton. In early America a grammar school was the first step in higher education, a link between the local common schools and the few colleges in New England. Of institutions that are colleges today, Castleton is the oldest in Vermont and the 18th in the nation.

The village of Castleton was an intellectual center. The first medical college in Vermont was founded there in 1818 and lasted until 1862. In that time the school conferred some 1400 medical degrees, more than any other New England medical school. Students came from throughout the United States, from Canada, and from distant lands including France, Cuba, I... [ Read All ]


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Castleton State College
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Our Aims

Castleton, the 18th oldest institution of higher education in America, emphasizes undergraduate liberal arts and professional education while also offering selected graduate programs.

The College is dedicated to the intellectual and personal growth of students through excellence in teaching, close student-faculty interaction, numerous opportunities for outside-the-classroom learning, and an active and supportive campus community. Castleton prepares its graduates for meaningful careers, further academic pursuits, and productive citizenship.

As a member of the Vermont State Colleges, Castleton extends its resources to the community and supports efforts to improve the region's institutions, organizations, and businesses.  

Department and information about the department

Art is offered as a degree program leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Art. The Art Program at Castleton is a strongly humanistic course of study in which students develop skills in creative and critical thinking along with aesthetic and historical appreciation.


The study of art involves imagination, thought, and discovery. In the art program at Castleton, you will learn to perceive, analyze, and respond to works of art. In creating your own work, you will take initiative and make decisions. During your senior year, you will present a senior exhibit that will embody what you have learned. Your growth as an artist and your historical perspective of art will be reflected in your work.


Information For  Undergraduates

Castleton offers more than 30 challenging majors in the liberal arts and sciences and in professional and career preparation. Classes are small and students receive individual attention from faculty.

Castleton's curriculum is based on the belief that a well-rounded education that expands your horizons and teaches you how to write and to solve problem creatively is critical in career preparation, no matter what you plan to do.

The college has excellent programs for new students, including the First-Year Seminar and Soundings, a series that offers the best in music, drama, and dance.

The college is deeply committed to the American Democracy Project, a national effort to strengthen civic and political engagement and to its own Green Campus Initiative, which originated with students and is implemented by them. An increasing number of courses have a service-learning component in which students use their knowledge to carry out meaningful projects in the community.

Castleton's small classes and many out-of-the-classroom activities offer students the chance to do research; to create works of art, literature, and film; to perfo...  [ Read All ]

Information For  Postgraduates

There are a variety of offerings in the field of education.

Master of Arts in Education

The Woodruff Institute for School Leadership is an innovative program for principals

The Castleton Center for Schools offers workshops, contract courses, symposia, and training sessions.

Act-II - Castleton offers a new post-baccalaureate program for licensure in elementary or secondary education. Students who complete the one-year program are well on their way to earning a master's degree.  

Student Facilities

Fine Arts Center Studios:

four studios for printmaking, painting, sculpture, and drawing
State-of-the-art computer lab for graphic design

Wooldridge House:

Studios for art majors in sculpture and painting


The Christine Price Gallery brings the work of professional artists to campus, and the Student Gallery offers opportunities for exhibiting while still a student.

Beyond the Studio:

Departmental trips to New York City galleries and museums bring students in contact with original historic and contemporary works of art. Many galleries and museums such as the Hood Museum, the Williams College Museum, the Clark Museum, Mass MOCA, the Middlebury College Museum, and the Fleming Museum are within easy reach of the campus. The Art Students League, a campus club, sponsors visiting artists, film series, studio visits, and collaborative projects as well as trips. The Christine Price Gallery presents the work of professional artists on campus, while the Student Gallery provides opportunities for feedback while studying. Art students have studied abroad in Italy, Ireland, and China.


Graduates of t...  [ Read All ]

Student Support

The Student Services Center (SSC) is a unique combination of the registration, billing, and financial aid service functions of the college. This comprehensive customer service facility is dedicated to providing students with timely, accurate, one-on-one personal service in a friendly atmosphere. Located on the ground floor of historic Woodruff hall, this centralized office is designed to help students meet all their administrative needs as they pursue their higher educational goals. The SSC is committed to providing information and service related to many areas that affect the student’s academic career.

Each member of the Student Services team is able to help students get information and complete transactions, all in one place. If there are any questions that need answering, students and parents are encouraged to speak to a student services consultant.
Here is what students can do at the SSC.  


College is more than a place where students come to learn the basics; it is also a time for men and women to develop in new ways. For students at a residential college, where they live and interact with each other is just as important as where they take classes, study, and share new found knowledge. Likewise, residence halls are more than simply dormitories (places where students sleep). Residence halls are communities where students are challenged to interact with others, learn respect and appreciation for difference, become involved in community governance, and receive support for their academic endeavors.

Castleton State College Housing Requirements

All new students are required to live on campus unless they commute from their home or have special permission from the Director of Residence Life.

All students who will be living on campus must:
Sign a Housing Contract
Choose a Meal Plan
Choose a room and, if they have a preference, a roommate during registration

On-campus housing is available approximately 850 students. The majority of the rooms are double occupancy; a few single occupancy rooms are oc...  [ Read All ]

How To Apply

There are several ways you can apply to Castleton

We're here to answer your questions or arrange a campus visit:
Contact Admissions

Admissions Office
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Castleton State College
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Visit us (open days)

A student guide will show you around campus, Monday-Friday 9, 10 & 11 a.m.; 1, 2 & 2:30 p.m., throughout the year, except for college holidays.  

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