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Central State University's history begins with our parent institution, Wilberforce University, named in honor of the great abolitionist William Wilberforce. Established at Tawawa Springs, Ohio, in 1856, it is affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church and is one of the oldest Black-administered institutions of higher education in the nation.

In 1887, the Ohio General Assembly enacted legislation that created a Combined Normal and Industrial Department at Wilberforce University. The objectives of this new state-sponsored department were to provide teacher training and vocational education and to stabilize these programs by assuring a financial base similar to that of other state-supported institution. The statute establishing the Combined Normal and Industrial Department declared that the institution was "open to all applicants of good and moral character," thereby indicating no limitations as to race, color, sex, or creed. It was clear, however, that the Department and its successors were designed to serve the educational needs of African American students.

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United States

P.O. Box 1004
Phone: 937-376-6403
Website: http://www.centralstate.e

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Our Aims

Central State University is a premier historically black university that nurtures students within a value-based environment focused on excellence in teaching and learning, research, and public service.

Our mission is to academically prepare students with diverse backgrounds and educational needs for leadership and service in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world. An open access institution, Central State University fosters academic excellence, providing a strong liberal arts foundation with majors in selected fields.

We are dedicated to:

Providing a nurturing and culturally enriched learning environment
Stimulating in students an intellectual curiosity and a continuous search for knowledge
Teaching students to think creatively and communicate effectively
Instilling in students an aspiration for excellence
Preparing students to address the challenges of a technologically-oriented world
Providing quality educational programs in scientific and technological fields
Offering programs with multicultural and global perspectives
Reaching out to underserved populations
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Location and Getting there



I-70 East to I-75
I-75 South to US 35
US 35 to Bickett Road
Bickett Road North to US 42
US 42 Northeast to Campus


I-71 South to I-270
I-270 West to I-70 West
I-70 West to SR 72
SR 72 South to US 42
US 42 Southwest to Campus


I-70 West to SR 72
SR 72 South to US 42
US 42 Southwest to Campus

Or you can take:
71 South to US 35 West
US 35 West to Bickett Road North
Bickett Road North to US 42
US 42 Northeast to Campus


I-75 North to I-675 North
I-675 North to US 35 East
US 35 East to Bickett Road North
Bickett Road North to US 42 Northeast
US 42 Northeast to Campus


I-75 South toUS 35
US 35 East to Bickett Road
Bickett Road North to US 42
US 42 Northeast to Campus



Department and information about the department

The Department of Fine and Performing arts at Central State University offers degrees in the fields of art and music. In art a student may elect to focus in one of seven areas of study: advertising graphics, ceramics, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, or art education. In music the degree options are music education, classical performance, and jazz studies. Central State has had a long and celebrated tradition of training artists, scholars, musicians, historians, and composers.

The Department is located in the Paul Robeson Cultural and Performing Arts Center. The center contains two concert halls, four art studios, a computer graphics lab, and a recording studio. The Robeson Center serves as a center of cultural life for the University and the community. Convocations, lectures, recitals, workshops, and art exhibits are presented in the Robeson Center throughout the school year. Department phone number 937-376-6403


Academic Staff and Description


News and Events


Information For  Undergraduates

Majors in Art The coursework in art develops a strong fundamental background while allowing the developing artist the flexibility to specialize in advertising graphics, ceramics, painting, drawing, printmaking, or sculpture. Students work closely with master artist/professors throughout their studies at Central State. Those who wish to teach in the public schools can major in art education and still receive the same quality studio instruction.

Art majors develop skills which prepare them for careers as artists, commercial artists, teachers, art historians, scholars, and art critics. Many students have gone on to graduate school at institutions such as Miami University, Purdue, and Bowling Green


Information For  International Students

International Student Admission Process and Requirements




Student Support


The Career Services Center, a fully centralized and structured operation, provides quality professional career counseling and career/life planning programs and experiential opportunities to all students.
The center achieves its goals by making available the following services: career counseling, on-campus interviewing for full-time prospective graduate and student teacher placement, networking, referrals, credential services, on-line graduate school information, career-related brochures /handbooks, up-to-date career library, career technology center, seminars on rèsumè writing and interview techniques, Career Day, and other services throughout the academic year. Job referrals for alumni, faculty and staff are available.

All students who utilize the center must submit a professional résumé and sign the Family Rights and Privacy Act Form (Buckley Amendment). To clear for graduation, prospective candidates must complete the Graduate Exit Form and provide a rèsumè.
Students are highly encouraged to attend programs, utilize office services and register for placement services no later than the first quarte...  [ Read All ]

Student Life



Our campus housing complex consists of five residence halls which houses approximately 1,050 students. In the past three years the university has constructed two new residence halls.

Our staff is committed to providing a secure environment for students to study and foster new relationships with both assigned roomates as well as other on-campus housing residents. Each residence hall is staffed by full-time Hall Coordinator and undergraduate Resident Assistants assigned to each floor. Activities are offered that embrace cultural, social, and recreational needs of residents. The cornerstone of our housing program is academic achievement and success of each student.


How To Apply


All art majors must meet the following requirements:

Upon entering the department, each major is required to meet with an art faculty advisor to determine a course of study.
Students majoring in art are required to exhibit selected works in student exhibitions organized by the department.
The department reserves the right to retain, for its student collection, one example of each student's work done in any scheduled class.
Students must participate in a senior art exhibition as partial fulfillment of department requirements.
The student enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts degree program is required to take the core program first.
After students have completed the core program they begin, usually in their third year, concentrated work in a major area of study. Students may elect to focus in one of seven areas of study:

Advertising Graphics
Art Education

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