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Founded in 1899 by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, the College of Saint Elizabeth is the first permanent four-year liberal arts college for women to be established under either public or private auspices in the State of New Jersey, and is among the first Catholic colleges in the United States to grant degrees to women.

The College of Saint Elizabeth was formally opened on September 11, 1899, with Sister Mary Pauline Kelligar as its first president. The freshman class included six members, one from New Jersey, one from Illinois, one from New York and three from Massachusetts. Four members of the class were graduates of the Academy of Saint Elizabeth, located on the campus of the newly established college.

Incorporated under the New Jersey State law on May 29, 1900, the College granted its first baccalaureate degrees on June 18, 1903. There were four women in this first class: Mary Ennis, Esther Kenna, Blanche Maskell and H. Seton McCabe.

From its origin to the present, the College has been a distinctly Catholic institution of higher education, welcoming students and employees ... [ Read All ]


United States

2 Convent Road
NJ 07960-6989
Phone: (973) 290-4315

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Our Aims

The mission of the College of Saint Elizabeth is to be a community of learning in the Catholic liberal arts tradition for students of diverse ages, backgrounds and cultures. Characterized by a strong Catholic identity and values, the College is committed to scholarship and critical inquiry. It fosters just and ethical relations and the promotion of women as full partners in society in all its programs, including those which enroll both women and men.

With quality teaching as a primary activity and the development of leadership in a spirit of service and social responsibility for others, the College promotes a caring personal environment where students learn by example as well as by participation throughout their educational experience.  

Location and Getting there

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Department and information about the department

The mission of the Art Department is:

Foster an appreciation and knowledge of all aspects of visual art and culture around the world with a particular emphasis on western art.

Learn to communicate about art and beauty through writing, oral discussion, and the making of art.
Practice many artistic studio techniques and explore art historical ideas, styles, trends, themes, and methodologies through classes and firsthand research.
Recognize the religious and spiritual aspects of art throughout the ages and across many different cultures, with an emphasis on understanding images and objects which foster Christian values and a belief in God.
Utilize technology to create art and to investigate artists, art objects, museums and cultural sites from around the world.
Experience art firsthand by visiting art museums, cultural sites, artists' studios, sculpture parks, art galleries both nationally and internationally.  

Academic Staff and Description  

News and Events

In anticipation of the new Arts Center on Campus, our Department has begun to organize a few exhibitions of artists' work. This year's exhibitions included photographs by Nancy Ori, abstract encaustic and oil paintings by Elaine Schoor, and photographs by Miles Ladin. Next year we are planning at least three small exhibitions again to enhance and amplify our studio and art history courses and cultural life on Campus.

In June 2004, the Art Department worked in conjunction with the Education Department to offer a conference on Integrating Art Across the Curriculum for K-12 teachers and current students.  

Information For  Undergraduates

Core Competencies for a CSE Art Major:

A technical mastery in the creation of works in both the fine and applied arts.
An art historical background which covers the major monuments of western art and the multicultural aspects of major civilizations throughout the ages.
An ability to critically analyze and discuss all periods of art.
A preparation in the pedagogical and technical skills for today's classroom for those of you who will teach art.
An educational foundation for advanced study and the continuation of personal and professional growth.  

Information For  International Students

The Office of International and Multicultural Affairs exists to help students at the College of Saint Elizabeth, and all members of the CSE community experience one another's cultures, understand them, and enjoy them, whether these are cultures that exist within the United States or ones that come from around the world.  


Student Facilities

We have three large studio spaces, a lecture space, and a computer lab which we use to conduct our classes. Our lecture space includes an LCD projector for computer and video hook-up and a sound system. Special equipment is available in courses such as Ceramics, Metalcraft and Jewelry, and Printmaking.  

Student Support  

Student Life

The Office of Student Activities, located in St. Joseph's Hall, provides extracurricular programming for the College community as well as various other services. Programs and services include social, cultural and educational events, train/bus schedules, community updates, and leadership training for students. A Director, a Resident Assistant and a Commuter Assistant staff the office.  


The Residence Life Program at the College of Saint Elizabeth is based on the belief that Residence Hall living provides a unique opportunity for students to gain a variety of experiences which supplement and complement formal classroom education. Informal education, which takes place in the Residence Halls, includes the enrichment of personality, appreciation for diversity, and democratic community living, all of which are essential aspects of the total college experience. The Residence Life Staff is committed to helping students fulfill their diverse needs. In the process of student development, responsibility and accountability are promoted and expected.  

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