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Creativity, character and culture -- more than words, they're ideas -- distinctions, even -- that shape life at CSF. Perhaps we're not your typical undergraduate college.

The CSF experience is just that -- an experience. No matter your major, in and out of the classroom, with clubs and with friends, you'll go way beyond learning facts or completing a project. You'll discover fundamental truths about how you learn and work, as well as who you are and who you want to be.

At CSF, you'll get to know extraordinary faculty: award-winning -- and groundbreaking -- writers, musicians, political scientists, artists, filmmakers, educators and countless others. But you'll also learn from the land and culture of New Mexico, where tradition and spirituality play an integral role in daily life.

At CSF, we believe the questions you ask are as important as what you do with the answers. Join us to create, imagine and discover yours.

Santa Fe

United States

1600 St. Michael's Drive
New Mexico
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Our Aims

The College of Santa Fe fulfills its educational mission by operating as an independent comprehensive institution grounded in a strong liberal arts curriculum and distinguished by its programs in the creative arts.

Inspired by its Lasallian heritage and enhanced by its location in the culturally rich Southwest, the College of Santa Fe is guided in its mission by the core values of student centeredness, creativity, character, culture, civic capacity and shared governance. The College of Santa Fe promotes personal growth and a sense of purposeful engagement in the world for all its constituents.  

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Department and information about the department

Visual art can challenge the intellect, it can elicit an emotional reaction in both the artist and the viewer, and it can push the boundaries of form and content.

Vital to producing work that stimulates a response is knowledge of art history, literature, socio-political issues, religion, philosophy, and other realms of thought that enlighten and inform your ideas.

In the Art Department, you'll learn your craft and hone your voice while studying the liberal arts to gain perspective essential for the pursuit of art as a creative profession and as a humanistic endeavor.  

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Information For  Undergraduates

Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts

CSF offers both bachelor of arts and bachelor of fine arts degrees in studio art. The BA allows for broad exploration in studio art, while the BFA offers a more focused program in a single area. All students take a foundation of studio courses that introduces them to a variety of visual art mediums.

Studio Art Major (BA)

The bachelor of arts program in studio art provides a foundation in liberal arts as an essential ingredient to serious study in the visual arts. The curriculum emphasizes breadth of experience among various media offered in the Art Department. The primary objective of this degree program is to offer the student general background and skills in a broad range of art history and studio disciplines in the context of a liberal arts education.

Studio Art Major (BFA)

The bachelor of fine arts is the initial professional degree in art. The primary objective is the development of skills, concepts, and historical awareness essential to the professional artist. BFA students concentrate on in-depth study through studio instruction, practicum experiences, and internships. Extens...  [ Read All ]

Information For  International Students

The International Education Services Office performs a range of duties for CSF's international students and students wishing to study abroad.  


The College of Santa Fe alumni online community was created for you so that you can re-connect with the college, as well as former classmates and other alumni.  

Student Facilities

The CSF campus is a relaxed environment where public sculpture dots the walkways and striking architecture celebrates and enhances the New Mexico landscape. Our 90-acre campus is surrounded by a mountain view, and we boast our own café and pastry bar as well as The Screen, an art-house movie theater. We're located just ten minutes from downtown Santa Fe.

You'll feel right at home in one of our four residence halls or two apartment complexes, all located just steps away from your classes. We are especially proud of our cafeteria, featuring vegetarian, vegan, and organic cuisine, with an emphasis on innovative food preparation.  

Student Support

CSF takes great care in providing complete support to students. Trained support professionals are always on hand to address whatever need or concern a student might encounter.  

Student Life

Life on campus at CSF is relaxed, intense, communal and private -- it's what you make it, because CSF students are driven by their interests. Students are the force behind campus activities -- what do you want to do?  


Living on campus at College of Santa Fe gives you a chance to get and stay involved in campus life. Our residence halls are more than just a place to sleep -- they are places where you can learn about yourself and others, meet people from around the world, and challenge your ideas and points of view.  

How To Apply  

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