College Of Staten Island

Completed in 1994, the 204-acre campus of CSI/CUNY is the largest site for a college in New York City. Set in a park-like landscape, the campus is centrally located on the Island. Mature trees and woodlands,flowering trees and ornamental plantings, fields and outdoor athletic facilities, the Great Lawn, sculpture, and seating areas create a green oasis in an urban setting.

Fourteen renovated neo-Georgian buildings serve as classrooms, laboratories, and offices. The academic buildings house approximately 300 classrooms, laboratories and instructional spaces,study lounges, department and program offices, and faculty offices.The Library and Campus Center serve as focal points for the Academic Quadrangles with the Center for the Arts located midway between the Quadrangles at the fountain plaza. The Sports and Recreation Center and the athletic fields are located near the main entrance to the campus.

Fifteen works of art, a permanent collection of works either commissioned or purchased through the Art Acquisitions Program of the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, are installed throughout the campu... [ Read All ]

Staten Island

United States

2800 Victory Boulevard
Phone: (718) 982 -2000

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Our Aims

There are many factors to consider when contemplating which college to attend. At the College of Staten Island, we start with you. This means that as you enter what is likely to be one of the richest experiences of your life, we are determined to serve your needs and ensure your success. Whether you are a high school senior considering your college options, a student interested in pursuing a graduate degree, or a veteran of the workforce looking to enhance your skills through continuing education, information about CSI is right at your fingertips. Let us help you on your journey of exploration and open the doors for you to all that CSI has to offer.  

Location and Getting there

Travel Information
College of Staten Island
2800 Victory Boulevard
Staten Island, N.Y. 10314

Victory Boulevard buses - St. George/Travis
S62 - frequent weekday service and service every 30 minutes on Saturdays
and Sunday.
From 8:30am to 11:30pm to the ferry, and from 7:30am to 12:20am from the ferry; the S62 makes a stop inside the Victory Boulevard entrance to the campus.
S92 - commuter schedule from Travis every 15 minutes from 6:30am to 7:42am and from St. George every 15 minutes from 4:50pm to 6:00pm.

Richmond Avenue buses - North/South route
The Richmond Avenue and Victory Boulevard stop is two blocks from the entrance to the campus.
S44 - frequent service on weekdays and runs every 30 minutes on Saturday and Sunday.
S59 - every 30 minutes every day.

Forest Hill Road buses - South Shore/St. George route
S61 - frequent daily and weekend service.
S91 - commuter schedule weekdays.

Brooklyn buses
S53 - Bay Ridge - 95th Street/Port Richmond
Frequent weekday service; stops at Victory Boulevard for transfer to S62 or S92.
S93 - 86th Street and 4th Avenue/College of Staten Island campus
Limited service ...  [ Read All ]

Department and information about the department

Department of Performing and Creative Arts
Center for the Arts (1P)
Sylvia Kahan, Chairperson and Associate Professor
Professors: Ralph Martel, Patricia Passlof, Nanette Salomon. Associate Professors: Frank Galati, Norman Kruger, Charles Thomas. Assistant Professors: William Bauer, Tracey Jones, David Keberle, Beatrix Reinhardt, George Sanchez, Maurya Wickstrom. Assistant to Higher Education Officer: Craig Manister. Higher Education Assistant: Jennifer Straniere.
The department offers Bachelor’s degrees in Art, Dramatic Arts, and Music; a concentration in Photography with the Art major; a concentration in Electrical Technology with the BS in Music; and a Dramatic Literature concentration jointly with the Department of English. Students may minor in Art, Dance, Dramatic Arts, and Music; a program for Psychology majors interested in dance therapy provides for a minor in Dance.
The department serves the needs of students who wish to pursue both the practice and the theory of the arts. In addition to preparing students majoring in the arts and those planning to continue in graduate school, the department’s courses meet the need...  [ Read All ]

Information For  Undergraduates

A comprehensive college of The City University of New York, the College of Staten Island offers associate's degrees in selected areas, an extensive range of bachelor's degrees, and exceptional master's programs. (Click here for list of programs)

Applications for matriculation as a first-time student will be accepted from persons who have never attended any institution of higher education (with the exception of those students who have taken college courses while in high school) and have graduated from high school, or will graduate prior to enrollment at CSI. Applicants should check requirements for first-year students prior to applying to CSI.  

Information For  Postgraduates

In addition to courses listed under a degree program, a number of courses have been designed specifically for teachers, particularly those educators who teach at the high school level. Graduate courses in disciplines outside the major field may also be of interest to students in fields other than education.

ART 893 Independent Study in Contemporary Painting
4 hours; 3 credits
The course is concerned with the techniques and theories of contemporary painting in its form as the modern heritage of Cezanne and Cubism and is intended for advanced painters.
Prerequisite: BA or BS with an art major, BFA, or permission of the instructor  

Student Facilities

At 204 beautifully landscaped acres, CSI has the largest campus in New York City. From the unique Astrophysical Observatory to the magnificent Center for the Arts, CSI's facilities are recognized as among the best and most advanced in New York State. Your academic experience will be complemented by our extraordinary facilities, all of which are accessible to students with disabilities.

Campus Center

Office: Campus Center (1C), Room 201
The Campus Center is the focal point of extra- and co-curricular student life. It houses the Office of Student Life, the Student Government and clubs, student publications, the CSI Association Inc., and the Auxiliary Services Corporation. Such services as the bookstore, cafeteria, Park CafŽ, the College Health Center, the Wellness Program, and the Peer Drop-in Center are located in the Campus Center. Lounges for entertainment and studying, a computer lab, a video game room, conference and meeting rooms, and lockers are available for student use. WSIA-FM (88.9) broadcasts from the Campus Center. Questions regarding use of facilities and locker rentals may be directed to the Campus Center, Room ...  [ Read All ]

Student Support

Student Services

Office: South Administration Building (1A), Room 301
Vice President Carol Jackson
The Division of Student Affairs is concerned with all aspects of student life at the College and provides a comprehensive program of support services that include, in addition to those services listed above, academic, personal, and career counseling; placement; as well as extracurricular activities that are scheduled during both day and evening hours.  

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