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Dartington College of Arts is one of very few specialist arts colleges in the world to offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees through distinctive practice-led learning methods across contemporary arts practices. Collaborative approaches to learning through making, managing and curating contemporary arts, enables specialist knowledge and skills to contribute to a dynamic, experimental and committed community of artists - students and staff. The Dartington community of learning encourages students from diverse backgrounds, different countries and with very varied aspirations to make the most of a curriculum which encourages independence in a supportive framework of learning.

The College's work is organised through its fields of study: arts & cultural management, choreography, music, theatre, visual performance, writing. Each field provides activities in teaching, research, creative enterprise, widening participation and international development.

The College has an international reputation for experimental arts practices and provides a setting for artists from many parts of the world to visit (somet... [ Read All ]


United Kingdom

Dartington Hall Estate
Phone: +44(0)1803 862224
Fax: +44(0)1803 861666
Website: www.dartington.ac.uk

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Our Aims

Our mission is to be a radical, innovative Higher Education learning community for contemporary arts practices in performance:

* building upon, sustaining and developing the distinctive Dartington legacy as a high-quality specialist learning community in the creative arts, at the leading edge of innovation in practice-based teaching, research, and professional development in contemporary arts practices in performance.

* providing life-enhancing, or transformational experience in creative practice for all those capable of benefiting from the Dartington experience, and adding value to the social, cultural and economic life of our region.

* nurturing and sustaining distinctive and dependable partnership, through strategic alliances and collaborative initiatives at regional, national and international levels, for the development of our mission within the rapidly-changing context of a global framework for higher education in contemporary arts practice.


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Location and Getting there

Dartington is located near the picturesque town of Totnes in South Devon, on the South Coast of England. Totnes is on a main railway line.

Travelling By Road

From the North
Stay on the M5 until its end when it becomes the A38 south of Exeter. Keep on the A38 following the signs for Plymouth. About 20 miles from Exeter come off at the Buckfastleigh junction and turn left onto the A384 for Dartington and Totnes. After about 5 miles, look for the 'Dartington - please drive slowly through the village' sign. Take the next left turn at Dartington Church and follow the signs for Dartington Hall which is one mile from the church.

From the South - travelling on the A38 from Plymouth
Turn left onto the A385 just beyond South Brent signposted Dartington and Paignton. Follow the signs to Dartington turning left at the mini-roundabout in the village. Turn right at Dartington Church and follow the signs to Dartington Hall, which is one mile from the church.

Travelling by rail

* Birmingham: Direct trains approximately every quarter hour. Journey time 3 hours
* Bristol: Direct trains approximately every half hour. Journey ...  [ Read All ]

Department and information about the department

Focused on the new media, practices, forms and critical ideas that shape contemporary visual art.

An open, innovative, and multimedia approach to contemporary art practice combining installation, object making, performance/actions, video, digital imaging, interactive media, light and sound.

A critical and enquiring way of art making where conventional approaches to form, media and content are questioned, tested and re-addressed.

Develop visual ideas and concepts where practice and critical theory draw together in diverse and imaginative individual projects both within the studio, and in wider social, political and cultural situations.

Progressively construct your identity as a practitioner through studio practice and then begin to operate independently in different cultural settings ranging from conventional arts spaces to other challenging sites and contexts here in UK and also abroad.

Develop a wide understanding of the work of contemporary practitioners.

Engage with contemporary critical, aesthetic, political and cultural ideas.

Build a broad skills base in contemporary media.

Graduate with a wide range of...  [ Read All ]

Degree Shows
  • DCA Festival07 (20-06-2007)

  • News and Events

    Sound Beginnings! - Soundart Radio awarded a community radio licence by Ofcom

    Soundart Radio, a student radio station based at Dartington College of Arts has just been awarded a community radio licence by Ofcom. The new licence will allow the station to broaden its transmission area (currently restricted to the Dartington campus) to the town of Totnes and outlying rural communities.

    Curatorial Residency & Seminar April 2007
    Curatorial Network, Spacex and The Gallery at Dartington College of Arts are pleased to announce a forthcoming curatorial residency and public seminar.

    Blind Ditch's VANLAND project has been short listed for a media innovation award.
    Blind Ditch is a company made up of Dartington graduates and current/ex staff who practice across the fields of devised theatre and visual art.

    For more information on all of these items: http://www.dartington.ac.uk/news/index.asp


    Information For  Undergraduates

    Art (Contemporary Practice)
    3 year full time Honours

    You develop a contemporary arts practice in a range of expanded visual art forms such as:

    * installation art
    * performance/action art
    * performance/installation
    * installation/time-based media
    * video art
    * video/performance
    * interactive digital media art
    * site works
    * textworks
    * sonic works
    * light works

    also there are opportunities for cross artform collaborations (artist and: dancer/writer/musician/theatremaker).

    You are encouraged to make innovative connections between many of these approaches in the development of your work.

    You are also encouraged to make creative connections between practice, critical ideas, and the social and cultural contexts in which you place your work.

    The degree is divided into three Stages, each corresponding to a year of study.

    Year 1

    In Stage One you are introduced to many of the media, skills and practices which will provide a basis for later work. You work on a number of projects examining potential relationships between drawing, video, 3D construction, performance,...  [ Read All ]

    Information For  Postgraduates

    MA Visual Performance (Time-Based Art Practices)

    MA Visual Performance Time-Based Art Practices opens a field of enquiry where visual art, time-based media and performance coincide. You develop creative, diverse and rigorous approaches to contemporary art practices and media including: installation, performance, video art, video/performance, interactive technologies, mixed-media performance and collaborations with other new performance forms. Your approach might involve investigating concerns either derived from or located within other arts disciplines as well as enquiring across these boundaries.  

    Information For  International Students

    Dartington College of Arts grew out of Dartington Halls well established engagement with education, contemporary arts practice and internationalism; this history constitutes a rich and specific resource.

    A wide range of arts practitioners around the world were invited or attracted to Dartington in its early days; among them - Mark Tobey who exerted a great influence on American Abstract Expressionism, musician John Cage, German choreographer Kurt Jooss with his dance group Ballet Jooss, Hungarian choreographer Rudolph von Laban, Russian actor and acting educationist Michael Chekhov, Polish composer Lutoslawski - and the list continues. Artists and writers from Asia also brought influence and inspiration to the artistic practices in Dartington; among them - Indian musician Ravi Shankar, Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore.

    Dartington College of Arts long-lasting International reputation for innovation in the arts, continues to draw in artists from across the world in the 21 st century and has a national and international reputation for its contemporary arts practice and research through the work of its staff and students both prese...  [ Read All ]


    Alumni include George Passmore (Gilbert & George), Josie Lawrence, Marcus Davey and Verity Sharp.  

    Student Facilities

    The Library holds an important collection of monographs, journals, multimedia, scores and music parts reflecting the College's role as a specialist institution in UK higher education. Dartington is a member of the Ligue des Bibliothques Europennes de Recherche (LIBER) in recognition of its unique holdings on the arts in the twentieth century and its continuing role as part of the experiment in rural regeneration at Dartington in close collaboration with the Dartington Hall Archive.

    We subscribe to over 400 current journals in the field of performance and contemporary arts practices and provide access to a wide range of electronic information resources. The library contains audio/video facilities, networked computer workstations and scanners.  

    Student Support

    The DCASU is the body that represents and supports students independently from the college. It consists of 1 sabbatical officer, the president, and around 20 other officers that come from the current student population. Each officer, including the president, is elected at one of two elections held each year. The role of DCASU is to ensure students are treated fairly and represented wholly both at institutional level and with individual issues. We provide Social activities, clubs and societies. We also own and govern the student bar - the rat and emu, a development since the last academic year, having never owned or run it before.

    Last academic year the union underwent a huge shift in it's role in the college environment. It became stronger and more stable. Now we find ourselves with a source of independent income the bar , which had never been the case before. Our political activity within the local region and nationally become vast and our relationship with the town of Totnes exponentially improved. The union is always looking ahead and working hard and there are always plans in the pipeline. The Soundart Radio Station at Dartin...  [ Read All ]


    All student accommodation on the Dartington Hall estate is managed by Dartington Accommodation and Catering Services Ltd, a Subsidiary of the Dartington Hall Trust. Dartington College of Arts (DCA) works in close collaboration with DACS concerning the provision of student accommodation. Tony Jones, the College Accommodation and Welfare Officer, works in association with Jeanette Harmer the Student Accommodation Manager for DACS.
    The accommodation is situated at two separate locations on the estate:

    Higher Close
    Hening 20 single rooms
    Perry 24 single rooms
    Albemarle (quiet house) 24 single rooms

    All three Higher Close houses have internet access at a charge, to include registration and unlimited use.

    These three Higher Close houses adjoin the main Higher Close Centre.

    Blue House (quiet house) 23 single rooms
    Green House 20 single rooms
    Red House 19 single rooms/1 twin room
    Yellow House 24 single rooms/1 twin room
    White House 39 single rooms/3 twin rooms

    There is no facility for internet access within the Foxhole houses.

    Foxhole is within easy walking distance (approximately a quarter of a mile from ...  [ Read All ]

    How To Apply

    We aim to recruit students suited to our approach to the arts, who have motivation and the ability to benefit from our programmes. If you need to know more about Dartington and would like to visit before making an application, we have a number of Open Days, and informal visits can be arranged throughout the year during term time. For details, please get in touch with the Registry Team in College Administration.


    All applicants for full-time degree programmes should apply through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Application forms and UCAS Directory are usually available from September through your school or college, or directly from:

    New Barn Lane
    Gloucestershire GL52 3LZ
    t: +44 (0)870 1122200
    e: app.req@ucas.ac.uk
    w: www.ucas.com

    Students contacting UCAS will be offered the application form and CD Rom version of the Directory free of charge. If you request the paper version, there is a charge of �6.00 to cover postage for both UK and overseas destinations.International students may either contact their British Council Office or UCAS.

    When to A...  [ Read All ]

    Visit us (open days)

    The schedule of Open Days for this academic year and next (2007-2008) is as follows:

    * Saturday 23rd June 2007
    * Saturday 18th August 2007
    * Tuesday 23rd October 2007
    * Tuesday 15th January 2008
    * Saturday 21st June 2008
    * Saturday 16th August 2008

    Request a prospectus (Number, e-mail or follow link)